Rafting – the iconic whitewater sport

We’re sure you’ve wanted to go rafting at least once in your life, but you didn’t have the courage for something like that. Today we will bring you closer to this sport.

What is rafting?

Rafting and whitewater rafting are fun outdoor activities that use a boat or an unsinkable raft. It has different levels of weight depending on the current of the water in which the sport takes place. You can go on your own, but this is more often done with groups and requires good teamwork for management. River rafting, canoeing, and white water raft are the most desirable styles of this sport.

What is rafting?

The historical origin of this sport

Humans have rafted rivers for travel or fishing throughout human history. It is known that this adventurous sports activity has been done since 1811, and the modern version became popular around the 1950s. The first known attempt to engage in this extreme sport was on the Snake River without any equipment for today’s rafting. The river was named Mad River because of its dangerous route. Later, the first commercial river trip was completed in 1940.

The rafting was done by individual rowing with rafts from 3 to 4.3 meters with double-sided oars. Modern rafting and water raft are guided by rafts for several people and one-sided oars. The team is led by a professional guide who manages the navigation and speed of the boat leading the team.

Rafting in some rivers can be fatal, many people do it today and it is a safe outdoor sports activity in commercial areas. The sport also has tournaments and the IRF. Most commercial routes are suitable for beginners and you can easily find daily rafting, camping, and white water raft tours according to your experience.

What is Whitewater Rafting?

Whitewater Rafting has more action than traditional rafting. Conquering the river by teamwork and overcoming the fear of dangerous white water makes this sport very exciting. The best part of a water raft that separates it from other action sports is the opportunity to share the joy of action with loved ones. The activity is 200 years old and shares a common history with rafting. Like rafting, it is done with a team of 8 to 12 people, of course with a professional skipper guide. There are Whitewater rafting tours in different locations around the world. There are six degrees of difficulty also known as the International River Difficulty Scale.

  • Class 1: The skill level is very established. You can try this level with family and children.
  • Class 2: Basic rowing skills required. Work is being done on rivers that have some rough water and little rock.
  • Class 3: You need some experience for this level. Some tours work for the newbies.
  • Class 4: At this level, you need to be more experienced and able to maneuver in medium waves.
  • Class 5: Only professionals can engage in the water at this level. It has big waves, drops, so it requires great maneuvers.
  • Class 6: This level is the pinnacle of water and can be seriously dangerous even for professionals. Class 6 rivers can damage the best equipment and so few have completed the entire route.

Rafting a popular whitewater river sport and outdoor activity

How to do this sport?

This sports activity can take as long as you want. There are multi-day tours where you can camp or find daily tours. On the other hand, Whitewater Rafting is more extreme than the others and has 3-4 hours of daily opportunities, depending on the location. You can lead rafting tours alone or with 2 to 3 people. This type of rafting requires teamwork and is done with 8 to 12 people, depending on the size of the boat. The best time for rafting can change depending on the location. Some tours can be good in the spring and you can spend nice times while watching nature around the river.

Rafting rules you need to know

  1. Choose clothes according to the season in which you will go rafting.
  2. Always wear a life jacket and helmet. This equipment will relax you and prevent unwanted dangerous situations.
  3. Listen carefully to your guide before rafting. They will discuss rules and orders. The high gauge is one of the most important commands a rafting guide would give to keep the boat from capsizing.
  4. The purpose is to keep the boat and your team afloat.
  5. The oar is one of the wheels of the boat. Hold it firmly and do not drop it.
  6. If you fall into the water, keep your head up and your feet down the creek. This will help you swim easier, and you can push yourself off the rocks in the river with your feet. You should not stay in the water for a long time, because your team is with you, and if you swim close enough to the boat, you will soon be on the boat.
  7. Trust your rafting guide, as he won’t put you in danger. It will warn you of the dangers of a safety conversation before rafting. Always listen to them before and during rafting to safely enjoy the action.

Tara River Rafting

The canyon of the Tara River is up to 1330 m deep, which makes it the deepest canyon in Europe, and the second in the world after Colorado. Most of it is located in the National Park “Durmitor”, which is 04.09.1980. was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, fulfilling as many as three conditions: geological, hydrological, and biological phenomena. The last 18 kilometers of this river, before Piva and Tara become the Drina, are the most exciting – with over 20 rapids.

Rafting Tara river in the second canyon in the world

The unique canyon valley known in the world as the deepest and sharpest river valley in Europe attracts many tourists worldwide. The most beautiful and clearest river of the old continent is also called the “tears of Europe” because of its clarity.

This river is a real challenge for all lovers of water and nature, so they say that those who have not descended the Tara river still do not know what it’s like when your adrenaline rushes. A clean river, beautiful nature, fun, socializing, and adventure, all this is a trip to rafting on the Tara.

Rafting Tara is performed by rubber boats that are specially made for wild waters. These are high-quality boats with a capacity of 8-10 people.

During the summer tourist season, the water temperature is a maximum of 11-12 degrees and without quality protective neoprene suits and raft boots, which have the role of warming and protecting, that atmosphere would certainly not be complete, and when we add a protective helmet and quality rescue vest, e then you are ready to go and fearlessly crash down Tara.

The Snake River rafting

Snake River contains the fastest white water rafting rapids globally, making it the perfect trip for someone who fancies themself an adventurer. The Snake River is also known for containing the deepest gorge in the world, a Hell’s Canyon. This gorge reaches up to 7,900 feet in certain areas making it a must-see for river rafting enthusiasts.

The stretch of Snake River used for whitewater tours is rated Class 3. Some sections may be Class 2 and others a Class 4 in times with a major amount of run-off, but prior to your tour, we’ll alert you to current river conditions that you should be aware of.

Even if you’re the type who’s always up for a challenge, it’s important not to get in over your head when you’re whitewater rafting. It is an extreme sport, and the most important is to stay safe.

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