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Reasons Why Manufacturers Prefer Cold Ethanol Extraction

Cannabis products are extracted through various methods including carbon (IV) oxide and ethanol extraction. One of the most popular cannabis products is CBD oil. CBD is popular because of its medicinal advantages to both humans and animals.

There are two types or methods of extraction; cold and warm. However, most manufacturers prefer the cold ethanol extraction over warm. Manufacturers love the product because it is cost-effective and safe to use as compared to other solvents.

There are various reasons as to why many manufacturers prefer using ethanol during cannabis extraction. These are some of the reasons:

  1. Safe to use

There are different solvents that can be used during this process. These are hydrocarbon, ethanol, and carbon (IV) oxide. Manufacturers love it because it is easy and safe to use compared to other solvents. It is not as explosive as the hydrocarbon solvent would be when used in the process. This is the reason why it is considered less toxic. Materials and substances do not fly around and mix making it less toxic too. You do not need approaches that are explosives because they contain toxins.

Like any other job, these industries and factories always have interns and other people secure jobs here. The introduction of ethanol makes it even easier and faster to teach the new workmates.

  1. Solubility

It is easier and faster for ethanol solvents to be used during an extraction process. During such processes, it is essential to understand how a solvent works and how soluble it is. Will its molecules blend in with that of the cannabis plants?

The molecules of a certain solvent may either be polar or nonpolar. It is important to understand this if you want the process to be easy. The process will only be successful if the two molecules have the same charges. As scientifically explained, like poles attract while unlike ones repel.

Ethanol dissolves terpenes, wax, and any other organic substances because it is a stronger solvent compared to any other. Its solvent power is very high unlike that of carbon dioxide which does not dissolve all organic substances making it a bit harmful. Read more here https://www.labbulletin.com/articles/what-ethanol-extraction-used

  1. Versatility

It is a preferential solvent used during the procedure because of its versatility. It can either be polar or non-polar. Ethane is non-polar as it has zero charges while ethanol has both negative and positive charges making it polar.

It is highly soluble in water while ethane is soluble in fats. It makes it easier to use ethanol because it is versatile whether used in water or fats. It also dissolves quickly since it is non-viscous making the whole process easier.

  1. It is cheap

The process requires less labor and time. Less labor means that a company cuts costs that could have otherwise been spent if another extraction method was used. It only requires a little manpower and everything is set to go.

The chemical properties of ethanol also makes it time effective since it easily and quickly dissolves. It is also safe to use because it is not as highly explosive as other solvents like hydrogen. The process is easy and safe, saving one a lot of time. Carbon dioxide is more costly as compared to ethanol since its equipment is relatively expensive.

  1. Quality

The best thing about using this solvent is because of the quality of the end product. Its properties make it possible for the last distillate to be of quality. Its versatility of being either polar or nonpolar make it possible to dissolve in either water or fats.

It is safe as it ensures the end product is good and can be approved for human consumption. Its standards are top-notch.

  1. Ethanol has various uses

It is found in nearly every product we use. It is on high demand as it is used in different industries including the health and cosmetic industries. Also, it is found in drugs, lotions, perfumes, paints, disinfectants, and more.

The multiple uses of ethanol in multiple industries increases its demand making it available during the manufacturing processes. Ethanol will still be needed at a later stage if the extraction method is different. All methods require this particular solvent at some point. Click here to read more insights.


The cold method is best used in the liquor industry and the health industry. It is safe to use and highly soluble in both water and fats because of its versatility. For production of the best organic chemicals, it is recommended to use ethanol extraction.

All procedures, especially carbon dioxide methods, require cold ethanol to help in dissolving waxes that were a result of the extraction. It also needed so as to avoid chemical contamination to the final distillate. Cold ethanol has its own cons and pros but the pros outweigh the cons making it the most efficient way of extraction.

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