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Reasons Why You Should Make Investments in Video Marketing

Whether you want to let your target audience know how much potential your business holds, or you want to educate them on the importance of your business, investing budget in video marketing is, without a doubt, highly rewarding. It is one of the fastest & quickest ways to display your business across the Internet. Through effective video marketing, you can drive great traffic to your digital fronts easily.

Are you also planning to get a video made for your brand to communicate your message effectively? If you’re becoming skeptical, then here are some reasons to help you decide why investing a budget in video marketing is the best option. So without further ado, let’s read why video marketing is important. 

Growing Need of the Present Era

We live in a time where everything is about the experience. And nothing serves the purpose more effectively than engaging videos. Videos have become a growing need of the present era. People are more fine-tuned to audiovisuals than they once were to read long-form blogs. According to research, 95% of conversions for a brand come from people claiming that they watched a product/service video. These findings are enough reason to indicate how videos have become an imminent need of the market. 

Many brands are now investing their marketing budgets in creating interactive animations because they are fun-filled & entertaining. They either choose to hire an in-house animator to create animations for their brands, or they outsource their animations to an animation video production company. Animations can give your business a very versatile exposure and have a much greater chance of landing sales. It can help you beat the competition noise. Research done by Diode Digital concludes videos can provide 600% more effectiveness as a marketing tool than other channels. 

Fun Fact: Do you know that 80% of the online consumer traffic accounts for videos? 

Videos Can Improve Your SEO Rankings

According to Hubspot Research, more than 65% of business executives claimed they feel more interested in purchasing a certain product after they watched a branded video on it. It shows that when brands market their product or services through a top-quality video, it leaves a more promising impact on viewers’ minds. Not only does a great video contribute to engagement, but it also boosts your online visibility. 

Google’s algorithm has significantly evolved. With the power of deep learning, the AI bots working at the backend of Google can now break down video content in chunks of images to better analyze it. 

Thanks to Google’s Video Intelligence API, it catalogs primary & LSI keywords. 

SEO marketers can then make better use of these keywords to increase their site’s SEO rankings. It helps in optimizing the website to quickly rank up on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). 

Fun Fact: Do you know that only mentioning the word “video” in your email’s subject line can increase its opening rate up by 13%? 

Videos Can Captivate Audience’s Attention 

Two things that catch a viewer’s attention are noise & movement. 

The perfect video can offer you both. It combines the auditory and visual senses to captivate the mind of the audience and convince them to take a more in-depth look into your brand, products, or services. 

It is more effective than regular content published on social media & websites. 

According to research performed by the Management Information System Research Center at the University of Minnesota, videos are 60,000 times more effective and engaging than published text. Reading text can be tedious and eye-straining. It can lose the attention of the audience after a few paragraphs. At times, the text is so complicated that simply reading it won’t provide you with the best of insights. When asked, people still were confused in many situations as they were unable to deduce the messaging behind it. On the other hand, information communicated to the audience through visuals had a far more significant impact on the audience. The information’s retention rate was much better. 

Fun Fact:  Do you know more than 75 million people in the United States watch videos regularly? 

Videos Are More Shareable 

Videos published on different social media platforms get a massive share percentile increase of 1200% compared to any other marketing type content. The share percentage of videos is way better compared to the share percentage of text and image combined, says WordStream data. We also found out that videos get 20 times more shares than any other form of content in the LinkedIn Feed. 

Does it make you wonder what makes the video more shareable? 

It’s because videos provide you with relevant information; it is also very entertaining & engaging. Not only do you get the best tricks & hacks from a video, but you extract it in a fun-filled way. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Video marketing has become the treasure trove for modern day marketers. As a business, if you’re not investing in getting videos, then be prepared to be left behind in the competition. Because many enterprises including SMBs are now investing a great deal in putting their brand in front of their target audience through effective video marketing. Is your business struggling to maintain leads? 

It’s best that you invest in a stable video marketing service now. 

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