Rehab-Effective drug addiction treatment center

best rehabilitation center in Lahore
best rehabilitation center in Lahore

Rehabilitation centers are specialized hospitals where doctors and psychologists work in collaboration to return the addicted person into his normal life. Recovery from a life-threatening condition definitely requires two things. One is the internal will power of the patient and secondly patient-specific medical treatment. When both combine, increases the chance of fast recovery.

Drugs are the chemical compounds; when taken beyond a safe limit alters the mental and physical abilities of a man. When the drug acquiring habit is not controlled, it worsens over time. It becomes the ultimate need of the time to consult a medical specialist for taking the help. He can guide you and treat your body to ignore the desire next time. Rehabilitation centers have special physicians and psychiatrists whose focus is to treat drug-addicted patients and bring them back to their normal life.

Here, specifically, we will talk about the illness associated with the long term usage of drugs and their treatment at rehabilitation centers. click for more information on drug and alcohol rehab.

Types of treatments

  • Consultation services

Rehabilitation centers offer general consultation for mental issues to specialized treatments for drug-addicted patients. Some persons have taken drugs for a short time and left the habit but they cannot control their anxiety and emotions. In this case, they need only psychiatric counseling. While some patients have taken the drugs for longer times and cannot leave them without proper medical help. They are treated by the doctors and psychiatrists both. If a person has left the drug habit but wants treatment of his frustration; he consults with the physician and may get the treatment at home.

If anyone of the victim around you wants to seek medical help, do search out the rehab centers which can treat you effectively. KOSHISH CLINIC is a well recognized best rehabilitation center in Lahore for drug addiction treatment. It is located in Lahore, with a professional team of doctors and psychiatrists. There are many facilities offered at the center to treat the patients. They are contributing to change in the life of hopeless people and making them a responsible person.

The following treatment options are provided at the Koshish clinic.

  1. In-patient treatment

It is the term used when the patient is treated in the center. Depending upon the condition of some patients, they are referred to get admitted to the hospital and treated under strict supervision. In-patient facilities include the availability of all basic amenities including good residence, healthy food, physical health maintenance activities along with medical treatment, and psychiatric counseling.

  1. Out-patient treatment

It is the requirement of some patients to get treated in their own house instead of being admitted to the hospital. Koshish clinic also provides this outdoor facility. A team of professional doctors visits the patient or the whole addicted family in their house and prescribe a specific treatment. Not only this but also a professional counselor takes regular sessions to strengthen their personality and treat associated mental issues.

Recovery procedure

The recovery process for a drug-addicted patient or psychological problem patient is not a short term treatment. The time duration for complete recovery cannot be measured as it varies from patient to patient.  It takes some time from days to months and for some critical patients, it is prolonged for the rest of their life.

The following are the steps involved in treatment.

  • Assessment

Assessment is the actual diagnosis of the patient before prescribing a specific treatment. Expert physicians take an introductory meeting with the patient to have an idea about the severity of the condition. Psychiatrists also have a session with the patient to guess his mental approach.

  • Drug detoxification

Detox is a special process to let the body remove the toxic quantities of the acquired drugs. When the body eliminates the drug, there is less urge to take it again. Effective Detox can be performed in the hospital as doctors are available all the time in case of any emergency.

  • Psychotherapy

It is a major factor leading to successful treatment. Brain counseling resolves the issues of depression, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances.

  • Aftercare

Aftercare is the post-treatment psychiatric counseling sessions taken by the expert psychiatrists. It is essential to recover the patient completely and prevent a recurrence.

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