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Relationship Between Pregnancy And Female Sexual Functioning

We believe some readers are knowingly nodding their Female Sexual Functioning. Sex during pregnancy is distinctive for all couples, for sure. But numerous of them need to create some settlements throughout this time.


Let’s consider for a while the first trimester. Bodies of women are becoming habitual to pregnancy. They might be very weak to have sex, feel exhausted and nauseated, or have tenderness of the breasts that cause physical closeness to become painful. Fear of causing any damage to the fetus or having a miscarriage can give rise to the couple’s anxiety.

The circumstances usually change in the second trimester, during which couples might have more sex. Females may observe that their sickness subsides that makes their libido increase. Vagina’s natural lubrication might improve, also.

The frequency of sex usually declines through the third trimester. During this period, couples might require to work out different sex positions, like “side by side” or “woman on top”. Others concentrate their affection on different activities that please them, such as kissing, cuddling, and massage.

You must not forget that there is nothing to be conscious of or embarrassed about. You must talk about your feelings and problems related to a sexual life with your partner openly. This will help you to be at ease. And getting treatment for it is always the best option!
Your therapist, doctor, or general physician can equip you with directions to defeat vaginismus. With their bits of help, many women are able to recover and continue leading happy and content sexual lives.  You must schedule sessions with your sex therapist as soon as possible.
Treatment of vaginismus involves a sequence of sex education, counseling, and physical therapy that includes exercises such as pelvic floor muscle contraction and relaxation. Treatment will be done by a health care team consisting of a sex counselor, gynecologist, and
physical therapist.

Understand that the mentioned descriptions are a representation of what several couples go through, but your condition may differ. Additionally, some common health problems, including backache, cramps, and constipation can transform a woman’s sexual function during her pregnancy.

From the scientific point of view

The Journal of Sexual Medicine issued a report in October 2013, by Turkish researchers who examined the sexual function in pregnant women. For this research, they selected 306 women at different phases of pregnancy. The women filled a questionnaire/survey named the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). It basically assessed six major areas of women’s sexual function, which comprise arousal, desire, lubrication, satisfaction, orgasm, and pain. Lesser scores signified poorer sexual function.

The researchers found out that sexual problems happened to be prevalent in this group:

  • 89% faced sexual desire disorders
  • 87% had problems becoming aroused
  • 43% experienced difficulties relating vaginal lubrication
  • 70% had difficulty with orgasm
  • 48% weren’t happy with their intimate activity

Physical aspects can be considered for multiple of these problems. But the investigators observed some social circumstances as well.

For instance, women with limited education and low financial status were more likely to have lesser FSFI scores. Women who had been wedded for more than ten years were likewise more inclined towards having problems, so were women who in arranged marriages.

It’s essential to recognize that the outcomes of this investigation refer to a confined group of women who were Turkish and do not apply to all women. However, it provides us a significant picture of the cultural features that may influence sex during pregnancy.

For instance, low financial status can conflict with a couple’s sexual relationship through pregnancy. Tension over the expense of caring for a newborn, food, healthcare, diapers, and housing can place stress on a couple’s bond and, eventually, their sex lives.

Guidance for Couples

What can be done by couples to overcome these problems? Here are some opinions:

  • Expect to create changes. Speak up about the way your sexual relationship may alter. Communicate with each other and stay open-minded. For instance, if a specific position is difficult or painful, propose another one.
  • Take a good interest in your relationship. Anxiety and exhaustion commonly happen at this time. Seek new ways to rest and have enjoyment. Hire a babysitter to take supervision of maturer children. That way you can get a chance to have a date night. Or bring out time to speak about your goals and hopes for the future and be open about your sexual problems.
  •  Don’t feel hesitant to seek out help. This can involve asking a buddy to help with the house chores or asking a family member to cook some meals. Usually, family, friends, and neighbors mean to assist but are not certain how. Go forward and tell them! This can be seeing a therapist or counselor too. Pregnancy can place stress on the most excellent of relations and exploring help from an expert third party can assist couples to keep everything in perspective. Additionally, some women undergo severe depression through pregnancy and the postpartum phase. It’s essential to avail of help.

Be convinced to communicate with your doctor. Your doctor can solve all your mysteries about pregnancy, involving sexual problems too. Don’t be ashamed. Your doctor can further recommend steps to make better the sex during pregnancy and suggest to you the other professionals that can support, such as a therapist, if the need arises.

Why Do I Feel Like Peeing Immediately After Having Sex?

It is not uncommon that a woman feels a strong urge to pee right after having sex. You do not need to worry about it as it is temporary and due to harmless reasons usually. It is most likely to be caused due to contractions in the uterus, bladder spasms, or urinary tract infections.

As soon as the women feel a post-sex urge to pee, they immediately think about having another urinary tract infection. But it actually never shows up. Following are the causes of the urge of peeing after sex:

  • Bladder spasms

The spontaneous contractions in the muscles of your bladder are known as bladder spasms. These usually occur after having sexual intercourse. The feeling of peeing right after sex does not mean that you are incontinent at all. It is just because of the contractions in the muscular walls of your bladder which make you feel like urinating immediately. It is not dangerous or harmful. This can be usually avoided by emptying your bladder before having sex. Taking an over-the-counter bladder analgesic, or probiotic may help to balance the yeast and bacteria and reduce this feeling of incontinence.

  • Uterine contractions

You obviously understand the occurrence of contractions in your uterus during or after orgasms. Having orgasms causes the production of oxytocin in your body to increase. The oxytocin released by your body results in contractions in your uterus. Your bladder and uterus are very close to each other. The uterine contractions may trigger the muscles of your bladder as well. The bladder is actually very sensitive, so the extra flow of blood in your lower abdomen after or during an orgasm can cause pressure on the bladder. The sensitive bladder makes you feel an urge to pee.

  • A urinary tract infection

An immediate need to pee right after having sex may sometimes be a urinary tract infection. You can help yourself from getting a UTI by regularly urinating after having sex. It will prevent you from developing a UTI. You must get a thorough check-up if this feeling continues to exist for a longer duration even after taking all the precautions. Your healthcare provider or doctor may prescribe you some medications or related supplements which can help you avoid this problem.

Reference post article link: https://harborcompoundingcalifornia.wordpress.com/2020/11/06/relationship-between-pregnancy-and-female-sexual-functioning/

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