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Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in India


For their daily lives, human beings depend on energy and this energy comes from non-renewable sources such as coal , petroleum and natural gas (fossil fuels). Fossil fuels consist of the pressure and heat of dead animals and plants over millions of years. This won’t be much longer, sadly, and the need for clean energy is a high priority.

The future is renewable energy, solar and wind power, and every day it has become more popular. This is incredibly exciting because it’s a source of renewable energy that produces zero emissions. Never-ending they are. These sources deliver a great deal of job growth and reduce solar panel costs.

Let’s take a closer look at why they should concentrate on renewable energy more easily than they think.

Health: Poor air quality has long been a cause for concern, and some 7 million people lose their lives due to respiratory disorders, according to the WHO. It is directly proportional to the volume of carbon dioxide present in the air.

Promotes economic growth:  Local economies will take advantage of this and, as described above, boost rural areas. You wouldn’t have to drive for jobs in cities. The best destination for solar projects is rural areas, and the money could be invested in infrastructure. Courses on renewable energy management offer information on how to build a sustainable future.


Droughts, floods and fires: In the last two or three years, drought and floods have caused countless casualties. The world is evolving and it can have repercussions for everyone. Renewables will reduce CO2 emissions.

The Forest fires created havoc in Australia last year. Thousands of hectares of land have been burnt and one million animals have been killed. There was no mercy, and there were other incidents in the Amazon and California.


The idea of renewable energy is at the forefront of the ecologist ‘s minds, but an alternative is needed for some problems. If it is dark or cloudy, solar panels will not be able to generate electricity, raising a problem for countries like Denmark or Finland where winters are dark and gloomy. For these nations, this is a cure, while for countries like Saudi Arabia, India, where there is enough sunlight, it is a boon.

What are we capable of?

Local economies would benefit from renewable and sustainable power sources and save corporate losses from fossil fuels. Electricity demand is rapidly rising and will continue to do so. Countries like India , China, the Middle East and Africa must invest heavily in this sector in order to meet the demand for electricity.

According to experts, more than 15 percent of the world ‘s population has no access to energy and about 35 percent use biomass for cooking and other functions. The physical challenges that come from, not to forget, biomass. To address this global issue, the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015, calling on 200 countries to curb emissions to keep the planet’s average temperature at 1.5 degrees Celsius. It is set to recruit more than 20 million people by the year 2030.

Have you been worrying about how much air pollution is caused by the manufacture of energy? Electricity is one of the major causes of air pollution today, and poisonous chemicals such as sulphur dioxide ( SO2) pose dangerous issues, causing a number of problems, not just for humans but also for animals.

With every passing year, the installation of solar panels is increasing. In 2018 , the UK experienced a 2 percent increase in installation growth.

Whereas their volume each year is doubled by the United States and Australia. In particular, looking at the facts, in the last 10 years, wind power output in the states has increased by about 400 percent.

Energy Management

Every organisation and nation needs an energy manager who can operate and understand its functionality effectively. This could be an alternate career choice for students. There are energy management colleges in India that can advance the road towards a greener future. Small steps can be taken by each citizen to save energy , water and clean the environment at a personal level. Not only is it about cleaning the house, but it is also about the natural community.

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