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Restore your hair with eyebrow restoration

The facial beauty of a person stands incomplete without eyebrows. There is no doubt in this that without eyebrows, a person tends to look weird. It is tough to grow eyebrows naturally, as natural remedies are not so helpful in growing eyebrows. The eyebrows’ growth is also affected by hair loss, and hair loss is a common phenomenon these days. There are numerous factors due to which hair loss can be there. Hair loss can be from any part of the body, like eyebrows. Most people want some permanent solution to this problem, and these days transplants are available to treat hair loss. Like this only, there is eyebrow restoration to facilitate the growth of eyebrows. Let us know more about eyebrow restoration

Know about eyebrow hair loss 

People think that hair loss can happen in hair and scalp only. But this is not so as it can happen in eyebrows also. Due to hair loss, there are chances that you lose your eyebrows, or there is thin hair on your eyebrows. Back in time, people used to deal with it using makeup and eyebrow pencils to fill their eyebrows. But using makeup can help you for a short while only. Instead of this, you should lookout for a permanent solution. The only thing which will be helpful in this is eyebrow restoration treatment. But not everyone can have eyebrow restoration as there are some factors you need to consider before getting this for yourself. Make sure to consult your doctor and have a detailed discussion with him regarding the cost, risks, and side effects involved in this. 

What is eyebrow restoration? 

Before opting for an eyebrow transplant, you need to know what eyebrow restoration is. It is a type of surgery done by a plastic surgeon. In the beginning, firstly, the donor area is shaved, and the surgeon applies anesthesia. The area which has thick hair becomes the donor area. From there, the surgeon takes your hair and transplants it to your eyebrow or wherever there is thin hair. 

A punching medical device is used to remove the hair follicles, and given anesthesia numbs the area. It helps to facilitate permanent hair growth in your eyebrow area. 

Procedure of eyebrow restoration 

There is not much difference in the procedure for eyebrow restoration and hair transplant. The results of eyebrow restoration will depend on your donor area. After the eyebrow restoration, new hairs will permanently grow on your eyebrows when grafts fall. In this, the surgeon takes the hair from your donor area and transfers them to your eyebrow area. Only 2-3 hours will be consumed. 

Benefits of eyebrow restoration 

Before availing anything, be it some treatment or other thing, people make sure to learn about its benefits and drawbacks. There are some advantages of eyebrow restoration too. Let us know about some of the services that eyebrow restoration can provide you. 

The first primary benefit of eyebrow restoration is the thicker and fuller eyebrows. Thin hair can make you look weak and can affect your looks and appearance. But you can get it treated with eyebrow restoration. 

Secondly, eyebrow restoration produces purely natural results. No person will be able to tell the difference between the implanted hair and other ones. It will look like your natural eyebrows only. 

Thirdly, after this, you will no longer need to use makeup and eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows look thicker. Instead of making eyebrows daily with a pencil, go for a permanent solution to this. 

It leaves no stone unturned in enhancing your personality and facial appearance. Besides this, a person also exhibits increased self-confidence while moving out. 

While undergoing some surgery or treatment, what worries people is the recovery. Many people wonder whether the recovery will be fast or slow. But as far as eyebrow restoration is concerned, you should not give a second thought to it as the recovery is very fast in this than other alternatives available. You can immediately carry your daily routine after the eyebrow restoration session. 

Drawbacks of eyebrow restoration 

It is evident that if there are benefits, then there will be disadvantages also. After learning about its services, learn about its drawbacks also and then decide whether you want to get one treatment for yourself or not. 

The first major drawback of eyebrow restoration is its cost. The majority of people complain that it is costly. Without any doubt, it is bound to be expensive because a lot of things are involved in this which are enough to raise its cost. It is difficult for middle-class people to afford this treatment. 

The second thing is that results take a lot of time to become visible. After receiving the treatment, it may take some months time for the people to notice the difference in your eyebrow growth. And this time irritates people as people want the immediate results. 

Thirdly, there are some side effects and risks associated with it. People can feel pain, swelling, redness, and many things around their eyebrows for some time. However, there are only minor side effects. Nothing serious is there, but still, if you feel something getting worse, then consult your surgeon as soon as possible. 

The next disadvantage of eyebrow restoration is that there is no guarantee that the new hair growth will be there or not. It may be possible that new follicles will not produce new hair. 

Recovery from eyebrow restoration 

Not much time is taken for the recovery to take place from eyebrow restoration. It is much quicker than your expectations. Within the first few days, there is the slightest possibility that there will be scabbing around your eyebrows. One should not pay much heed to these trivial matters. To recover fast from eyebrow restoration, you need to follow some guidelines. 

Firstly, avoid any challenging exercise for at least three weeks after your surgery. 

Secondly, if you feel like pus or swelling around your eyebrows, do not ignore it and immediately consult your doctor. 

Besides this, also make sure to trim your transplanted hair to brow length. 

Side effects and risks associated with eyebrow restoration

One of the significant risks associated with this surgery is that new hair follicles won’t take place. If this happens, then you may have to undergo the procedure again to have desired results. Besides this, there can be some side effects that you may see after the surgery. 

The primary thing which can happen is the bleeding. As the extraction and implantation of hair follicles take place, there are chances of bleeding. 

Swelling can also be there. Maybe due to the surgery, your eyebrow area can swell a bit and pop up. 

Out of all those who have undergone the treatment, the majority of people complain about scarring. People complain of certain scars near their eyebrows section.  

Besides these side effects, there can be bruising and nerve damage. 

Eyebrow restoration cost 

Firstly you need to absorb that it is a nonmedical procedure. It means that any health insurance won’t cover it because it is a type of beauty treatment and not some medical necessity. As far as its cost is concerned, then on average, it can cost you around $3000-$6000. 


After gaining in-depth knowledge, it depends on you whether you want this for yourself or not. Beverly hills med spa specializes in skin treatments and can provide an effective eyebrow restoration treatment to you. 

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