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Bike Parts Canada

Restoring Your Bike With Ultimate Bike Parts Canada!

Cycling provides a wonderful experience to exercise, and you have a great chance to explore your area. For many people, the cost of quality is a discouragement, so it’s best to opt for having bike parts instead of getting the whole new one for you. 

By cleaning, repairing, improving, and restoring your bike, you can gain a better understanding of it. You will learn more about each part, know how it works, and get a chance to personalize it. Moreover, you will get the motivation to ride it because you have spent hours working on it. 

When it comes to buying, you can opt for getting bike parts Canada. You don’t need to go anywhere; Podium shop has it all for you. We are your perfect destination to provide quality cycling, running, fitness, and nutrition products across Canada. You can get tips and tricks to give a long and healthy life to your bike.

In this article, we will mainly learn the tips for quick bike clean-up and restoring bicycles with the best bike parts.

Let’s take a look below!

# Steps For A Quick Bike Clean Up

  • You need to fully assess the bike (in case you have rust and grease in it)
  • Remove unnecessary tapes, stickers, or accessories covering areas that you need to clean up
  • You need to begin the cleaning process by using household products (this isn’t expensive)
  • Find a perfect spot to clean your bike at the very least

# Steps For Restoring Your Bicycle

You may see a wide variation in the specifics of a bicycle, and this applies to your bike too. If you are stuck, you can ask your nearby bicycle shop or consider online shopping for your bike parts Canada for a great experience. Therefore, the work and principles will remain the same.

Some steps are easy and may provide you with a treat to spend evenings or weekends working on this project in your garden. Here are a few steps:

What Do You Need?

Obviously, the first item on your list is your bicycle. It could be filthy with the rear brakes not functioning, grimy moving parts, rusty and splitting cables, and more. There might be a little surface preparation, and to say, the description of the bike is not in working condition. This is because you may not have used it for a long time, or it has been left after noticing some issues instead of repairing it. Don’t worry; all you need is to accomplish your goal. Here’s a rundown:

  • Pliers and side cutters (for dealing with cables)
  • Screwdrivers of different sizes
  • White spirit (for degreasing)
  • Masking tape
  • Good quality mask in case (when working with chemicals)
  • Grease
  • Lubricating fluid
  • Chain link tool
  • Sponges and wet wipes (to assist in cleaning and degreasing parts)

After you are done with assessing your bike overall, you might need to end up purchasing some new bike parts Canada that follow:

  • Wheels or freewheels
  • Gear cables or brake cables
  • Handlebar tape
  • Decals
  • Brake pads
  • Tires
  • Bike mudguard (if broken or needs replacement)
  • Rim tape
  • Inner tubes and more

Note* Restoring your bike might require the use of some essential hand tools. Moreover, you need to exercise caution and take heed of instructions whatever product you are using. An incorrect assemblage of bikes is dangerous, so don’t hesitate to take advice from experts.


In order to carry out overall restoration, you need to disassemble your bike fully. This will permit you to appropriately review and work on every individual part, and assuming you plan to paint the edge, then, at that point, you’ll have to do a complete dismantling in any case.

Eliminating most things is clear, typically an issue of fixing different bolts and screws. While working on your bike, you can take plenty of photos. This is so because these would surely help if you get stuck anywhere.

If the piece (that connects front forks to the handlebars) got jammed or caused more trouble, you can indeed search online. You don’t need to go anywhere; find methods, and shop online at the same time.

Preparing To Prime

Now that you have removed all the parts from the forks and frame, it’s time to prepare the bike for primer or paint. Firstly, you need to remove the old paint and apply the primer for a smooth finish and good adhesion. Take your time and remove layer after layer of paint with either of the allies- abrasive or chemical paint stripper. It will be best to work hard as there isn’t any substitute. 

Note* Be careful if you are using aluminum oxide paper. It would remove paint as well as metal and further cause damage to your frame. Go slow if you’re in doubt!

Rust Treatment

Repairing an old bicycle (that you haven’t touched for months) will, without a doubt, find a lot of rust. Try not to freeze. A ton of rust will be somewhat shallow and won’t relegate your bike to the scrapyard right now. Whenever disregarded, rust will just deteriorate, so how about eliminating what we can and artificially treating what we can’t.

Moreover, try using an anti-rust primer to protect the frame from rust even if the frame is badly chipped or scratched.

Priming The Metal Work

Some of us won’t wait to finish the stripping if we are heading with the task. Priming is somewhat more accessible than you might think. You can do the following:

  • It will help if you carry priming the metal works whenever you see a warm, dry, and windless day. Suspend your frames and forks using wires.
  • Instead, cover off the pieces you would not get groundwork (or later paint) on.
  • Starting here, just handle the casing while wearing disposable gloves, as you would instead not get any oil from your hands onto the metalwork. Remember, surface preparation is everything! 
  • Leave it for a while till white spirit evaporates. Find your primer and shake well to mix the paint properly. 
  • Apply thickish coats by giving a gap in between.
  • Move the casing and forks to the shed or carport, as you’ll have to let them be for a few days at this point. Try not to be enticed to eliminate the concealing tape yet; it will, in any case, be valuable when you come to paint these parts.

Deliveries And New Parts

It gives immense pleasure to unpack the gifts you get on your birthday. Similarly, receiving your parcel would be another happy moment. Finally, the bike parts you need are before you finish your project. So, what’s the wait? It will be best not to resist fitting them to see how your bike looks afterward.

Brakes And Cables

Unless you took care of your old bike, you need to replace the brake pads. Ensure getting the ones of similar design and size as there is a lot of variation. The process is self-explanatory and would work with compatibility. 

You ought to hope to need to align the derailleurs to a degree to ensure you can undoubtedly switch around and down inside the full scope of pinion wheels accessible. Take your bike out for a couple of speedy test rides, and you’ll, before long, work out what should be changed.

Finishing Touch

The last thing is to personalize your bike with stickers and other wide variety available. You can apply motifs or artwork as per your taste and be happy with the results, making a huge difference.

Don’t forget yourself in the long run. Besides working on your bike, you need to work on yourself. We would like to offer you our Tailwind nutrition – a fuel formula. It’s a perfect combination of calories and electrolytes and replenishes glycogen stores most efficiently. Take care of yourself too!

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