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Rheomold – The best engineering solutions services in India

Rheomold Engineering Solutions is a full-service engineering solutions and services firm dedicated to helping you improve the efficiency of your facilities. To handle projects at every level in the infrastructure business, our team includes remarkable original thinkers and qualified collaborators. We’re committed to providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to assist your facility transition to the next generation of engineering technology.

Our core values are as follows:

  • In all we do, we are honest.
  • Customer’s wants should be listened to, identified, and responded to.
  • Deliver high-quality work on time and at a pocket-friendly cost.
  • Ascertain a secure working environment.

Rheomold Engineering is dedicated to lowering your total cost of ownership. Our priorities are constantly aligned with your goals. We intend to continue in business by providing the finest in full engineering solutions.

We handle the full design process lifecycle by connecting with your production teams all around the world. Rheomold Engineering Services is more about producing breakthroughs that bring out our collaborative enthusiasm and devotion to discovering smart and sturdy solutions for the engineering sector and our clients in the process, as we have a strong passion for engineering, design, and production.

We have a specialized team of professionals with more than two decades of expertise in providing the finest design, fabrication, prototyping, manufacturing, supply chains, and engineering solutions as well as pushing your company to the next level.

Rheomold provide a wide variety of engineering services:

We can handle all parts of your project, from plant design to process design to product design and development, whether you want 2D or 3D plant design, therefore we have the necessary resources, technology, and technologies to meet your needs, hence to make things easier for you, we also provide engineering documentation that outlines the procedure. Our experts are waiting to have a word with you.

Rheomold Design Services is one of India’s Best Engineering Solutions Services in India , with decades of expertise and a proven track record of success.


Rheomold is an Indian product-based service provider. Its headquarter is in Pune. The company was founded with the goal of providing world-class engineering solutions. For more than a decade, we’ve been providing great services to the Engineering sector. We want to become a TIER-1 firm that provides OEMs with new solutions and products, as well as a leader in engineering services.


Rheomold assists industries from “Design” to “Manufacturing” by fabricating product designs using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) (Structural, NVH, and Thermal Analysis), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Tool Design & Development (Plastics, Sheet Metal, and Die Casting), and Manufacturing Simulation (Moldflow, Forming & Casting).


Rheomold  Best Engineering Solutions Services in India offers CAD/CAE/CFD services for a variety of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, heavy/industrial engineering, and aerospace. We have a dedicated, motivated, and highly competent engineering staff with extensive expertise in their respective fields and a unique combination of creativity and innovation.

Give Wings to your Ideas

For thousands of years, engineers have awed their contemporaries by breaking new ground, defying physical rules, and inventing world-changing technologies.

From smart cars to space flight, architecture to medicines, engineers have transformed the way our world works, and innovation is at the center of all they do. Engineers come up with innovative solutions to your challenges. Every day at Rheomold, we push ourselves to achieve perfection in every design we develop. From product design through ownership to production processes such as molding, shaping, and casting. To meet the specific needs of clients in order to assist them in producing cutting-edge technical goods.

Rendering service for the “Four” industrial areas of automotive, consumer durables, medical devices, and power and energy. The Rheomold has played a key role in assisting various leading businesses throughout the world with product design, CAE simulations, reinventing production processes, tooling solutions, and validation.


Rheomold, a leading Engineering Service Provider in Computer-Aided Design-CAD, Computer-Aided Engineering-CAE (Structural, NVH & Thermal Analysis) and Computational fluid dynamics-CFD, Tool Design & Development (Plastics, Sheet Metal & Die Casting) and Manufacturing Simulation (Moldflow, Forming & Casting), all under one roof, was founded in the year 2010. The Rheomold can help customers with all of their issues from design to manufacturing.

We have a high level of competence in offering our customers efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Our Mission

Rheomold aspires to be customer-focus, employee-friendly, technology-driven, and quality-oriented.

Our Vision

To become a TIER-1 supplier, you need to provide innovative solutions and products to OEMs. You also need to be a leader in engineering services.

Our Services:

  • Product Engineering
  • Virtual Validation (CAE)
  • Manufacturing Simulations
  • Value Engineering (VE)
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Testing and Validation
  • Automation & Material Handling
  • Staffing Solutions

The engineering services by Rheomold are as follows :-

1. Product Engineering:

Designers all across the world are now digitally visualising, analysing, and finalising design concepts using 3D design programmes like Catia, UG-NX, Solidworks, and Creo. Product design helps designers streamline and optimise their workflow, boosting productivity, improving design quality, enhancing communications, and contributing in the development of a viable manufacturing process.

The process-driven methodology of ‘Rheomold’ may assist customers with everything from design concepts to industry iterative procedures.Other teams, like engineering support teams that deal with things like FEA and moldflow simulations, can help customers in the early stages of design. This can help avoid problems and save money. Engineering support teams can help customers with their projects. This can prevent delays and shorten the time it takes to design a product.

2. Virtual Validation:

Validation is a process that helps to make sure the design of a product is correct. Figure validation helps in creating a model of a product so that it can be check for accuracy. It does this by using CAD and CAE. Validation techniques entail simulating the product in multiple contexts and situations to ensure that it functions properly.

Rheomold has established itself as a leading engineering consulting firm, with competence in FEA and CFD to assist customers in resolving a wide range of challenging engineering challenges. As an extension of our client teams, our engineering teams are responsible for delivering effective outcomes on schedule. We improve the capabilities of your engineering teams by providing unrivalled global delivery quality.

3. Manufacturing Simulations:

Rheomold is a company that provides manufacturing simulation services. Consumers are looking for low-cost development and high-precision manufacturing. Many people are turning to simulation-based studies to learn about the fundamental performance of their product during manufacturing. Simulation-based studies help clients understand how their product will work in the real world. Rheomold helps clients like this by taking responsibility for all we do.

4. Value Engineering:

The Value engineering is a process that looks at different aspects of a product or project to see if the costs are justified. A Value engineering is a process that tries to figure out what the product or project is really worth. This is done by looking at everything that needs to be in the product or project and making sure that it is all there.

Rheomold is recognised for offering high-quality, professional value engineering services through its eco-system of manufacturers and test facilities. The value engineering design process used by our team assists in the discovery of different design restrictions, encourages a better understanding of design factors, production constraints, and finds areas that may be considerably improved.

5. Manufacturing Engineering:

For a number of industries, including manufacturing, process industries, power plants, shipping, and the oil and gas industry, the Rheomold team has considerable expertise in tool design and development, lifting equipment, and material handling.

6. Testing and Validation:

A Testing and validating a design’s compliance with the parameters or criteria specified throughout the design phase is the aim. The Testing and verification conduct throughout the product design process to ensure that the designs perform as describe in the product guidelines. After the design is finalize, it needs to be validate to make sure it meets the intended goals. After validation is complete, it’s time for verification testing. This involves using the original product and a real-world environment to make sure the design works as intended.

Rheomold’s End-to-End services allow automakers and other clients from other industries to have their products created. Rheomold offers a wide range of services for clients, including creating the products, packaging them, and shipping them.

7. Automation & Material Handling:

Automation is becoming a significant part of how every industry performs internally and externally.

By replacing humans with robots, industries have been able to complete difficult tasks more quickly and efficiently. Automation has helped industries become more efficient, accountable, and expansion-oriented.

Rheomold Best Engineering Solutions Services in India is a well-known Materials Management Equipment Integration company that provides a full solution. Design, validation, production, and final commissioning are all part of the process.

We provide our customers the specialised and customised solutions that integrate newer systems without interfering with current systems by combining the newest technologies with older technology.

8. Staffing Solutions:

Staffing is the process of identifying, selecting, analysing, and forming a working relationship with current or future workers. The main goal of staffing is to find competent candidates for various roles inside the company.

When it comes to personnel management, companies often search for competent employees who are experts in their sector, therefore hiring a trained workforce is a difficult process for HR experts since hiring is based on pricing and so newly hired individuals need 3-5 months of specialised training to get familiar with industry technology.

Rheomold Best Engineering Solutions Services in India has always been a driving force behind cutting-edge, innovative solutions, establishing a competitive benchmark across all service industries. We are devoted to providing solutions that are of high quality and deliver on time.

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