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Rigid Custom Jewelry Boxes Is So Famous, But Why? 

They are sturdy boxes of varying sizes and dimensions, which are made from a strong paperboard stock. These boxes are also called set-up boxes in the packaging industry. In most cases, a paperboard of 36 to 120 point thickness is used for manufacturing custom rigid boxes and packaging. These custom jewelry boxes consist of two parts; the lid and the base. Paper is used as the innermost lining of these boxes. For the outermost layering of these boxes versatile premium paper stocks, fabrics, leather and other materials are used according to the demand of the customers. It must be kept in mind that rigid boxes are an expensive option in custom packaging. 

The rigid boxes offer a memorable unboxing experience to their recipients. In ideal cases, they can be used later as storage boxes for valuables like documents, etc., because of the sturdiness they offer. The magnetic flap boxes are often the most favorite choice of brands as they provide a convenient and impressive way to open and close. Every time the recipients of these boxes use or look at them, they will be reminded of the respective brand. This memory will retain the brand’s presence in the minds of its target audience and transform into sales during the purchasing process.  

They are easy to customize  

The structural layout of the custom rigid boxes is sturdy and straight making it ideal for customization. They can be printed in any imaginable color. The lids of these boxes can be given different exotic appeals by adding different formats to them. Versatile add-ons, like the use of ribbons, customized stickers and buttons, etc., add to the visual attraction of these boxes. 

Benefits of rigid boxes 

Rigid boxes make amazing retail boxes for items like jewelry, perfumes and even high-end gadgets, etc. The brands and businesses that order custom jewelry boxes for their products often make use of these boxes to grab the attention of the target audience. These boxes also include internal inserts and separators to ensure the safety of the products placed inside. These inserts also help in displaying the items inside the box elegantly. Other addons like window patching are also used in custom jewelry boxes that allow the customers to look inside the box. 

Most of the time, the patterns of the intricate items placed inside are made to match the print patterns of custom jewelry packaging. This type of packaging helps brands outshine their competitors when displayed on the retail shelves and offers an exciting brand experience to them at first glance. Extravagant custom jewelry packaging often makes the customers think highly of the items placed inside.  

Custom rigid boxes are a favorite of the FMCG category as well. Most of the brands that launch a limited edition of their products or gift collections make use of custom rigid boxes. The use of these boxes becomes even more popular on the events like international Mother/Father Day, Valentine’s Day and the holiday season. Magnificent custom rigid boxes are created for market niches, who are willing to buy these collections for themselves or presenting them to their lovedear ones on special occasions to make them feel loved. Not only are these boxes a symbol of privilege, but, also demonstrate the inclusion of its recipients into the prestigious brand community. It becomes a symbol of their loyalty towards the brand.  

The e-commerce businesses and brands can also make use of custom rigid boxes to establish their brand identity and offer an unforgettable unboxing experience to their customers. The images of this product packaging can be shared on various social media platforms to increase brand visibility. Every time these images will be shared, it will add to the brand exposure and be seen by countless individuals across the continents.   

If you are looking for luxurious finishes in custom rigid boxes, discover more with the creative professionals working at the design house of ClipnBox 

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