Roaming the Globe: The Quest to Uncover the Best Pubs, Bars, and Breweries Around the World


Are you ready for an adventure? Join us on our quest to discover the best pubs, bars, and breweries around the world! These establishments are more than just places to grab a drink or a bite to eat – they are social hubs where locals and visitors alike come together to form friendships, relax, and have fun. 

Before moving on to the adventure, let’s explore the differences between a pub, bar and brewery.

Bars are also known as saloons, taverns, tippling houses, or pubs. They have a wide range of alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine, liquor, and creative cocktails. The term “bar” refers to the counter where drinks are prepared and served and the entire place itself. Bars come in all shapes and sizes, from cozy local joints to grand nightclubs that leave you in awe. Some are simple, and others are fancy and stylish.

Pubs got their name from “Public house.” A place where locals come together, chat, and enjoy themselves. While Pubs are often associated with beer, they also offer a variety of other alcoholic drinks. However, it’s worth noting that some Pubs may not serve wine. Pubs have also gained recognition for their excellent food, especially the gastropub cuisine.

Brewery is a place where beer is made and sold. Many breweries now have tasting rooms where you can try their beer and grab a bite to eat with your friends. And guess what? Some Breweries have expanded their offerings beyond beer, venturing into crafting Ciders, Meads, and even Wine.

Be it small pubs or extravagant bars, we love exploring them in every country we visit. And it’s not just about the alcohol- we’re all about soaking up the authentic culture and meeting the real people of the community. So let’s hit the road and discover the world’s best places for drinks and food, one pint at a time!

Our journey began in Ireland, where we fell in love with the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of local pubs in small historical villages. From there on, we made it our habit to take our time to explore local pubs and bars wherever we went.

Here we recommend places and drinks for the best drinking experience around the globe.

Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast

We discovered the Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast when we traveled to Northern Ireland. We were immediately drawn in by the lively interaction between locals and the warm welcome extended to strangers there. The bartenders were especially friendly, offering up local brews with fascinating stories behind them. Through our encounters there, we met some truly wonderful and kind people who made our visit to Belfast all the more memorable.

Croatia beer in Zagreb

Croatian beer is a must-try for drinking enthusiasts. On our visit to Croatia, we had the opportunity to try some fantastic beer in Zagreb. Zagreb has a thriving beer scene, with many local breweries and pubs serving delicious brews. As lovers of dark beer, we asked what was local and what they recommended. We loved Tomislav and Velebitsko. These rich and flavorful beers have notes of chocolate, coffee, and caramel, making them perfect for sipping on a cold evening.

Ostrich Bar in Slough, England

We visited several small and comparatively posh bars and clubs in the UK. One of the places worth mentioning is Ostrich Bar in Slough. We loved the lively atmosphere there, and the drinks were great. They offer a wide variety from classic cocktails to craft beers and also serve delicious food. With regular live music events, quiz nights, and other entertainment, something is always happening at Ostrich Bar.

We also found the staff very friendly and welcoming in almost every place we visited in England. For instance, in one small-town pub where the kitchen had already 

closed for the night, the bartender kindly offered to make us some sandwiches. In general, we explored that the local pub scene in Europe is far from the typical nightclub or tourist party bar. People are respectful and considerate of others; it is rare to see anyone inebriated. So next time you loiter on the streets of Europe, make sure to pop in these bars.

Red Shed Brewery and Taproom

Travelers going to the US, fear not! We have some excellent recommendations for you as well. Whenever we travel to the US, we seek out pubs, breweries, and bars. The experience is different. Although we have found the bartenders and servers to be warm and welcoming, it lacks the sense of community and friendliness amongst the customers we see in Europe. Nonetheless, they are still worth visiting for their delicious brews and beautiful interior. 

One of the gems we visited is the Red Shed Brewery and Taproom in the charming village of Cooperstown, New York. It is a family-run microbrewery offering an authentic taste and welcoming atmosphere. They specialize in handcrafted, fresh, and traditional local beer produced in small batches. They are known to use 100% local hops and grains in all of their brews. 

The brewery also serves delicious food, including grass-fed burgers, falafel burgers, and chicken sandwiches, all made using mainly New York State ingredients. With an expansive beer garden and lawn, Red Shed Brewery and Taproom is the perfect place for baseball enthusiasts, tourists, and craft beer lovers to relax and enjoy a pint of Otsego Golden Ale or the Cherry Valley Smoked Porter.

We plan to document more places we have found during our travels to encourage everyone to explore them, especially those off the beaten path. They have a lot to offer –  delicious brews, traditional food, and a chance to observe local people closely and taste that country’s authentic culture.

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