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Role of the concrete pump at the construction site

concrete pump hire


The main role that is played by a concrete pump hire was done by manual working in the past. But as time passes the need for concrete pump is increased. For this, the construction site of the world wide has introduced a machine that would be a great help towards labor and factory work. It also reduces the time towards the construction site.


The specification of the concrete pump hire is:

  • Delivering the mixture of concrete and cement towards the building of 20, 15, or 10 floors.
  • It’s helpful for the laborers in a way that they don’t need to go on the 20th or 10th floor to insert the concrete.

The work is just becoming easier by the pumping procedure. The concrete pump also consists of a mixer, where the cement and concrete are mixed well. This process just makes that mixer a well-settled paste.

Technological measures:

In the modern world where every single person wants his work to be done in less time with more perfection. It has become important to have this kind of machine with certain advantages that would reduce

  1. The time limit
  2. Reduce labor work
  3. Ensure perfection.

In this case, electric motors are settled in the concrete pump. All mixing is done automatically by certain motor

Important aspects:

The certain aspects that must be bothered for a concrete pump hire are:

  • Firstly, it’s maximize and minimize the mixing capacity.
  • The second one is the concrete pumping pressure. This concerns the concentration of pressure of pumping.
  • The third one is the concrete cylinder bore, which is the area of mixing.
  • Forth one is the main cylinder bore and finally motor power.

How does it work?

If I talk about its working, then the first thing is pouring the liquid material of cement and concrete in the large concrete cylinder by single-piston that works for both pouring and transferring towards the pump. After mixing the material well, the mixture is transferred towards the pipe through pump pressure.


There are many advantages of the concrete pump. This has just made the work of labor easier and faster. The mixing made the solution much stronger and its durability of staying strong also increased. This works faster than manual mixing. Using a concrete pump hire increases the perfection level. It also increases the life span of the building, by mixing the solution well.


It varies from country to country. In the UK, they cost about 5000$. Second-hand machines are also exported and imported, their price level is the same as that of the original one. There is no difference in the prices of the original one and the used one.

It is concluded that the concrete pump hire has made the construction era more advance. This has also reduced the time. Its automatic features increase its worth. There is also those concrete pump hire, which uses diesel instead of electricity. Hence, the concrete pump has increased the perfection level of the foundation of the building.

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