RV Leveling Jacks vs. Stabilizing Jacks


When you get really serious about camping and RVing, just as would happen when you got really into anything else, you will hear a lot of terms thrown around. Some of these terms are associated with different types of jacks that you will use in and around your RV for a number of different purposes. For example, you might come across the terms RV leveling jacks and RV stabilizing jacks. It might seem like these types of equipment are similar, and an argument can be made that they are – but they are not the same. Leveling and stabilization can go hand in hand, but they are important for separate reasons.

RV leveling jacks, and sometimes, leveling blocks, are used to do what their name implies. Their purpose is to level an RV. For this reason, leveling jacks are generally very heavy duty and are used to raise a section of an RV so that it is level with the rest of the RV. Leveling jacks are intended to level your RV so that you can enjoy a more pleasant camping experience.

However, the importance of leveling jacks extends beyond comfort. While it will get old watching things roll off the top of your camper’s table or having to fight an incline while moving about, failing to level your RV can have additional consequences. For one, it places an undue level of stress on the frame of your RV and on everything contained within. Even fixtures like furniture will be taxed when they are not level. Think of the forces that will be exerted on the hinges of a cabinet door if it is not level. At the same time, maintaining a level RV is critical if your RV has an absorption refrigerator. If you operate a fridge like this off-level, you can permanently damage it.

As for stabilization, this comes after leveling. Once you have leveled your RV you can stabilize it with stabilizing jacks or other stabilizers to reduce the amount of rocking and movement that occurs to the RV when you are moving around inside of it. While this might not be considered as critical as leveling, it still plays a role in an enjoyable camping trip and can also extend the life of your camper.

A camper that is allowed to rock and roll with the movements of the people inside of it will also experience an increased level of stress as compared to a leveled and stabilized RV. When your RV moves, this stresses the frame of the unit, and this stress can be mitigated with stabilizers. It is important to note that stabilizing jacks are not intended to support the weight of an RV and cannot do so. Therefore, you should never attempt to use stabilizing jacks to level an RV; only to reduce the amount of movement that the RV experiences.

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