RV’s And The CoronaVirus: Interesting Fact

The RV market has been facing a downfall for the last few years. This is due to the reason that it is considered as a luxury car and also due to the rise in the price of fuel during the last decade. The industry has been going through tough times and there were only a limited number of sales. But in the summer of 2020, the graph of sales of these cars reversed. While all over the globe the automobile industry went through a major downfall, the RV sales increased. CarSwitch an online marketplace for used car in Dubai, has complied this news for you to stay upto date with industry news. 

The world population is mostly under stay at home orders. Recreation and vacation spots were not open for people and they were stuck at home for a long time. Though we are going back to the new normal now with all the precautions, a second wave is expected nonetheless. In times like these, as the restrictions are easing, a safer option is to have a car in which they can live as well as travel to avoid public spots. 

Moreover, since the traffic on the roads decreased to only 30%, recreational vehicles seemed a good option. Hence, those who were ready to go for road trips and could afford, bought their private camper vans, travel trailers etc. Others went for rentals. People everywhere like to travel and go on holidays during summers as kids have vacations.

So, this year with kids stuck at home for the greater part of the year, it went like this; people got their recreational vehicles and spent an altogether different kind of holidays. These were not just weekend getaways, but rather a week or two-week holiday. Long summer days spent travelling along with loved ones, travelling on road. Non air travel costs made this new kind of holidays a little less expensive. Though there are no VIP hotel rooms and services yet this is an altogether different experience. 

RV’s are allowing people to avoid crowds, have their own bathrooms, eat, sleep and socialize and feel safe at the same time. They are equipped with kitchen, bed, bathroom, space for luggage, and have facilities like Wi-Fi, TV etc., so you can just find your spot, pull out your chairs and enjoy your personally cooked food and drinks. You can also opt for a booking at a trailer park. Trailer parks rentals in Dubai come with all the facilities like electricity, water hook-ups and sewerage. 

We are expecting this trend to stay for a while and more people will be interested in travelling by road and go on road trips. This is mainly because air travel will remain low as declared by the International Air Transport Association. 

Here is our top pick among the travel trailers and camper vans that will allow you to spend a safe vacation time with your loved ones. 

 Newmar King Aire 4553 

One of the most expensive travel vehicles that comes with all the facilities one can dream of while travelling by road. It is equipped with a king-size bed, kitchen with a microwave and fridge, a luxurious bathroom, cooling and heating system, sofas and chairs. As comfortable as you can imagine! 

Phoenix-based Boho Camper Vans 

Much smaller in size yet perfect if you are on a budget. It is built as requested and includes a bed, a portable toilet, storage cabinets, an electric fridge, and pull out table in the sitting area. It is solar-powered. The floor plan remains the same but the colours and fabric options can be customized. 

Winnebago Minnie 

This one is more of a tow truck. But if you want to have your family settled for a road trip, this one is a good option. It has sleeping room for up to eight people and is comfortable as well. It has a decent bathroom and a pull-out cooktop and sink, so you can also enjoy cooking an outdoor dinner. 


Oasis Campervans 

This company changes a Toyota Minivan into a camper van for you. One of the on the budget options available out there. They give you a comfortable convertible chair cum bed for two people. Pull-out drawers, a movable working table, a small kitchen with a folding counter-top, a sink and a few drawers with a place to put a cooler or refrigerator all come built-in.

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