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Save a Bit of Money on Cleaning with These Tips

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When budgeting for the month, chances are that you don’t really break down how much money you actually spend on home cleaning products. Especially if you are a person who simply must try the new ultra easy cleaning product, or the cleaning tool to end all other cleaning tools.

And sure, keeping your home clean is important, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. If you are a bit frugal and a bit resourceful, you can save quite a bit of money on cleaning while not compromising on the quality of your cleaning.

We talked to the professional maids at Precise Cleaning Pros who shared some ways you can save money on cleaning by working smart.

Resist the Urge to Buy Cleaning Tools You Don’t Need

Cleaning industry is a big market. Everything from cleaning supplies to various cleaning appliances and tools all vying for your attention. Everything from online ads to your local big box stores and regular supermarkets are probably full of these ‘revolutionary’ and ‘game-changing’ gadgets that will make your life easier.

Sadly, most of these gadgets and super-specialized products are downright useless. They pretend to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist, but in reality they don’t do much. Best case scenario, you’ll buy a device that you will only have to use once or twice a year – and even that may not be necessary.

Try Upcycling Instead

Cleaning equipment is no different in that respect – plenty of ‘magical’ and ‘state-of-the-art’ cloths or sponges that will help you avoid the hard work cleaning normally is. And, as you may have sussed out already, it’s mostly marketing speak.

You are just as likely to get a good cleaning from an old T-shirt turned cleaning cloth as you would from a specialized cloth that’s touted to help you – and costs a pretty penny. Simply stick to traditional tools and equipment and good old elbow grease.

Some Cleaning Products Are Still Good a Bit Past Their Expiration Date

Our consumer society has been teaching us to throw out things as soon as they are no longer viable. For technology, that’s maybe a year or two, and for products – it’s their expiration date. And while expiration dates are there for a reason, especially when it comes to food, cleaning products tend to be pretty effective even after their expiration date. Not a year or two after expiration, but a month or two after expiration date, chances are that your cleaning product will be just fine.

That is, if you are keeping your cleaning products according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, it’s to keep in a cool and dark place – so a cupboard in your kitchen or bathroom is ideal. Some chemicals can be destabilized by temperature and sunlight, so make sure you always follow the label. It will save you from having to throw out a cleaner that’s gone bad – and even help limit the amount of damage you do to the environment through extra waste.

Use Home-Made Cleaning Solutions

If you want to push your frugal and eco-friendly dial even further, you can simply make your own cleaning products. Don’t worry, these cleaning supplies can be just as effective as your store-bought alternatives – if you know how to make them.

Some of the most common ingredients in home made cleaners include acids such as vinegar or lemon juice. While vinegar is stronger, the smell can be an issue, so many people opt for lemon juice. These are great for dealing with limescale and a variety of stains.

Keeping your home clean is important, and should have your attention, but at the same time, it really shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Now you know some tips on where you can save money.

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