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Scam of GoJek On Demand Multi Services Apps

on demand multi service app

The world is moving at herculean speeds. Everyone is living busy lives. There are hundreds of thousands of business ideas floating in the market and entrepreneurs the world over are vying for an idea that can change their life. Business is not just a peripheral activity. It is a dream that people nurture for a very long time and it takes a lot of time and patience to come up with the right kind of budget and business plan to finally move forth. 

But business is not as easy as it appears. There are so many things that can go wrong in due course that one must proceed with caution. In the excitement of building your own business, people get stuck in scams. This is a blog to help you identify any kind of scam related to Gojek on demand multi service apps and to steer clear of them. 

But before we actually get into identifying scams, let us understand why people tend to fall into the trap of scams. 

Lack of adequate research

Any kind of business demands attention. People need to pay adequate amount of attention and undertake the right kind of research before proceeding into it. You must be completely aware of everything that is needed to successfully and systematically operate within the framework of a business. The ideal way to do this is to first prepare a checklist and then keep building your knowledge as you go. Not knowing enough will only lead you to make uninformed choices. 

It will be very easy for scamsters and tricksters to sell you a pile of stinking lies and convince you to fall into their miserable and ruthless trap by selling you a half baked mobile application that will not work for your business. 

Lack of Patience

Another downfall of customers is that they get very impatient very quickly. The excitement of starting a new business is so much that they completely forget about going through all the nuances of starting a business. The whole concept of a successful business hinges upon the careful examination of every step right from the beginning. 

To truly make sure that you do not fall for any scam, just make sure that you take your time with the app. Gojek clone is a large on demand multi service app and there are many companies making it. Just be sure to purchase only an app that is built by a reliable and reputed on demand white label mobile app Development Company.

How does the scam work?

Typically, a scam works by making sure that when you try to purchase the app, they will show you a big picture, make umpteen promises and then finally end up taking the full payment for the app without giving you the app. In the end you lose out on your money and end up getting a half baked and ill made app.

The scam has been happening all over the world for a very long time. People are therefore very weary of purchasing apps from any offshore company. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. If you follow the steps given below, you will be able to steer clear of any and all types of scams and make sure that you succeed effortlessly.

Steps to Steer Clear of Scammers

  • Choose a Company that is Skeptical of You

This might sound a little strange and funny, but any honest and reliable company will be equally worried about clients as the clients are worried about the offshore companies. This is because they want to do their business efficiently and quickly and don’t want any client to hurt their business or to ruin their image in the market. 

When you start your communication with the app development company, make sure that they are scrutinizing you just as much as you are scrutinizing you. Also, you may realize through their communication that they want to know properly if their app can be of utility for their business. 

  • Purchase a pre built app not an on going one

The problem with on going projects is that while they may seem like they can totally be customizable, you have to understand that no one can really give an accurate estimate of the total cost involved in the complete development of the app. As the app starts taking shape, you will only have to keep putting in more and more money into the app. 

Taking a pre built app is the safest bet because you know the actual price of the app beforehand. You are already completely aware of the exact amount that you need to pay, so that you don’t end up emptying your pockets continually.

  • Take a demo of the app

This is actually pretty basic. Almost anyone who runs any kind of business will advise you to take a demo of the app before you buy it. But by demo, we don’t mean a simple video demo. You must request the app development company to set you up with a demo account so that you can download the app on multiple devices and take it on a live on road test. Make sure that you try the app out on multiple devices from different platforms like Android and iOS to be absolutely sure of how you can monetize the app properly.


The worst thing that can happen to your business is for you to fall into the trap of a scam business that claims to give you the right on demand multi service app. This is why, you have to make sure that you keep your eyes open, stay patient and do your due diligence. If you do that right, then you will definitely be able to steer clear of the stinking scammers!

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