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Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist and Tasks

Every homeowner wants to upkeep when something goes wrong in his house. There are a number of home maintenance problems that generally we face in our daily life. These issues are such as gutter overflow, a malfunctioning furnace, air vent covers, or a chimney. Keep in mind these kinds of blockages happen eventually and lead to emergency repair calls. In worse cases, if you neglect them for too long, your family’s safety may be in danger. You should follow the home maintenance checklist and search for ironmongery products. This will reduce such problems or even eliminate service delays. It is ideal to maintain your house’s value and keep everyone comfortable.

Important Home Maintenance Checklist

  1. Winter Seasons

  • As you know winter home maintenance is mostly concerned with damage control. Moreover, due to the chilly temperatures, there are a number of invasive factors that are really crucial. It is better to plan ahead because you might not have the time to perform repairs due to bad weather.
  • Check the lower roof and gutters for ice dams from a ladder that is securely fastened, separate them if needed. 
  • You should look that the outside hose bib covers are still on them and that they haven’t gotten icicles.
  • Keep in mind, that there are no water puddles on the lawn.
  • It is suggested to clean the basement, garage, and other interior rooms. Generally, people ignore them during the warm, sunny months of this indoor-friendly season.
  • Always take a look eventually at the line from your house to the power pole and the electrical service drop. Furthermore, search for the electric company to have any huge branches. These branches that have fallen on or are still hanging over the line are removed.
  • If you want to avoid interior flooding, it is important that the ground close to the home is graded away from it.
  1. Spring Season

  • In this maintenance, cleaning up after the filth and damage caused by winter is the major goal. If we talk about long-term outdoor chores, such as painting the home, are better left for later whenever the weather is still unreliable.
  • Clean the gutters and check their drainage with the help of a water hose.
  • You should inspect the external siding for damage, and make any necessary repairs.
  • Check out the shingles, flashing, and vents for damage when the roof is dry and safe to walk on.
  • If required replace and clean the window screens.
  • In case, trees that could drop branches on your home may be pruned back. So you need to contact your electric company for pruning for branches close to power lines services.
  • Install window air conditioners in late spring.
  • It is crucial to reverse ceiling fans so that the vanes spin in the opposite direction clockwise. This will help the air to migrate downward and chill the space.
  1. Summer Season

  • As you know summer provides comfortable working circumstances for doing extensive repairs. These services were not possible during other seasons due to higher temperatures and less moisture.
  • Make any necessary siding repairs and exterior painting if needed.
  • You need to clean and maintain your deck outside.
  • Wood fences should be cleaned and sealed properly.
  • In order to remove any sediment, give your water heater a thorough flush.
  • Clear the window wells of any clutter.
  • You can consider installing a strong drainage system with catch basins in your yard. For this, you have to notice any drainage issues from prior seasons.
  • Always inspect the line from your house to the power pole and the electrical service drop at some point. Additionally, look for any large branches of the energy business. These branches that have fallen on or are still hanging over the power line are removed.
  1. Fall Season

  • Majorly, the primary goal of fall home maintenance is to get the house ready for winter.
  • Even you need to pour water into the sump pit to turn on the sump pump as a test.
  • The window screens should be removed and stored for betterment.
  • You can Install storm windows as per your need in your home.
  • It is recommended window air conditioners should be removed. For this, you winterize your central air conditioning system if you have one.
  • Engage a furnace service to complete effective yearly maintenance.
  • It is up to you, either hire a chimney cleaning service or do it yourself.
  • Protect outdoor hose bibs with foam coverings to prepare them for winter.
  • It is crucial to clear off leaves and trash from garden ponds and other water features.
  • You can change the direction of ceiling fans so that the vanes spin clockwise properly. This will aid in dispersing the warm air in order to condense close to the ceiling.
  • Maintain your vehicle on a quarterly or periodic basis.
  1. Autumn Season

  • For this season you need to make an efficient plan to save your home from cooler temperatures, longer nights, and potential damage.
  • In order to prepare for winter storms, it is ideal to have a professional inspect your property. In this way, you will get to know about the loose branches and remove them.
  • You need to sweep up autumn leaves and remove them from gutters and drains. This is a continuing activity and ideally be completed near the end of the season.
  • Think about your chimney that they cleaned before winter. This is important because they are used more regularly if you have one that is now in use.
  • Ceiling fans can be redirected so that the vanes spin properly clockwise. This will help to disperse the heated air so that it can condense near the ceiling.
  • Make sure your driveway and any walks are secure, safe, and free of any debris or loose stones. Otherwise, it will become a trip hazard in the winter.
  • Before the cold weather arrives in the fall, you need to take the time to bleed your radiator system. This will ensure that it is operating well.
  1. Quarterly Routine Maintenance

  • This kind of maintenance needs to be performed after every three months. Check that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are still operational by pressing their buttons. If required, change the recommended batteries.
  • Make sure that your fire extinguishers are still properly pressurized, check the gauges on each one.
  • Check the temperature and pressure valve on your water heater to ensure that it will release water. In order to prevent flooding, place a bucket beneath the relief tube.
  • Check and verify that the electric eyes are correctly positioned. So that the safety reverse function of your garage door is operating.
  • Remove the sediment rings from the bowl, flush the toilet, and turn on both sink faucets in low-traffic locations. These portions are like basement bathrooms or guest restrooms. 

Final Words

In conclusion, many people put off thinking about their home’s routine maintenance until it is too late. There are various factors to consider while cleaning ironmongery products. By implementing above discussed tips you can save time and money for doing tasks for each season. So, we provide you home maintenance guide to know all aspects to stay on track all year.

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