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Secret Study Tips to Become a Topper / Score Highest

secret study tips

Everybody wants to become a topper and wants to get more marks in the exam but only 20% of students are able to score high marks and 80% can’t so what is the technique behind the 20% students score high.

Here I have listed Top 10 secret study tips to become a topper and score the highest marks in the exam.

  • No one is intelligent in all fields
  • Everyone is intelligent in their own field

Top 10 Secret Study tips to become a topper

secret study tips to become topper

1. 80/20 Principle

  • 20% Actions =80% Results
  • Less effort gives more results

This is the most important principle that needs to be kept in mind by all students. This principle will be very useful for you to score high in the exam with less effort.

In the examination, 80% of the questions asked from the 20% of the syllabus and 20% of the questions asked from the 80% of the syllabus.

So all you have to find out the last 10 years questions paper and prepared it fully, fixed them in the brain.

It is applicable for all the students if you are studying in 10th class,12th, diploma courses after 10th or engineering courses after 12th science you can use this principle to get more marks in the exam with less effort.

2. Learn from your and others Mistakes

There is not anybody in the world who has not made mistakes, everyone makes mistakes but only a few people learn from them.

And there is not enough time to make mistakes and learn from them you can also learn from others mistakes.

Too many students make too many mistakes while solving any mathematics examples and leaves to be resolved and only a few people solve and learn from them.

So guys, no matter how many mistakes you make, but you just need to resolve and learn from them.

3. Self Study

Most of the toppers don’t rely on any school, college or any institute they study hard themselves and succeed. So the self-study plays the most important role in school-college students life.

Self-Study empowers your thinking and creativity ability.

Self Study means there is a lot of learning and practice so you can perform very well in the exam.

There is no fun, no restriction, no limit, no fear, no criticism so you can study without any stress and disturbance.

4. Solve a Single Doubt at a Time

Students make a lot of mistakes here so they can’t get more marks. You don’t clear the doubts and leave.

Sometimes you postpone your doubts to the next day or any other day and this decreases your marks so please don’t do it.

If you want to become a topper and want to score high then you have to solve every problem at that time.

5. Watch Online Videos

Currently, the trend of online videos is going on and you can learn a lot from online videos.

Benefits of Watching Online Videos

  • Very good flexibility
  • You can learn free of cost from youtube
  • You can reply video again and again
  • You can gain extra knowledge

6. No Holidays

Yes, No Holidays If you want to become a topper or score highest then you have to study even on holiday.

No Sunday or no holiday you have to study forever to gain more marks in the exam and this tip follows most of the topper to gain more marks.

If you want to become an extraordinary student then get ready for some sacrifices like no holidays.

7. Revision and Practice

“Practice makes everyone perfect”

Yes, you can not score high without revision and practice so it plays a vast role to become a topper in the exam.

It helps you remember very well what you have learned.

If you don’t revise, you will lose a lot of marks so revision is necessary to perform better in the exam.

It increases your reading, understanding and analytical skill, any lesson, topic, the chapter will become stronger if you revise and practice on a regular basis.

8. Take Tension and Release Tension

Sometimes what happens that we don’t like read any book or anything and we live as there is nothing ahead so we should take some tension to read ( prepare ).

For example, We all have experience in school-college examinations, we were take tension and study hard when there were only 5-10 days covered maximum topics at that time.

But remember one thing that we should release tension at a time so we can memorize what we are reading.

It will help you to get more attention in reading, preparation of any examination to gain more marks.

9. Time Management

” Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin ” – Mother Teresa

It is the most important factor to do anything in our lives, you should do anything on time because time is more than money.

Most successful people make their time table and follow it strictly to get success so if you want to get success and gain more extra marks in the exam you have to make a time table and follow it.

10. Exercise

Last but not the least it is a main part of our life because health is wealth.

We have a beautiful body and if it doesn’t stay the same, success is useless so give first priority to our body and do exercise on daily basis.

Some Best Benefits of Exercise

  • It helps in brain development
  • Your concentration will improve in studying
  • You will feel healthy
  • You can focus easily on study

If you want to get a big success in your life by being a topper or gaining a high score then you should follow these tips so you will achieve whatever you want.

Good Luck

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