See the Bikini Beach in the Maldives

See the Bikini Beach in the Maldives

A tropical vacation is rarely complete without a trip to the beach, and the main wear for the beaches is a bikini! As soon as it is summer morning, the beak of the beach is spread, and the bikini flutters. As a tourist to the Maldives, your expectations may not be below. But don’t fret, as we put together a list of the best bikini beaches in the Maldives that bear the luxury of showing off that summer body. To book a swim in the bikini beach in the Maldives, contact the Southwest Airlines Reservations team now and book your flight. If you live on the resort islands, you do not have to worry about swimwear restrictions.


This bikini beach is the largest in the country and is breathtakingly beautiful. Rasdhoo Beach boasts of a large, pristine white sandy area, where you can walk hand in hand with a loved one and bask in the glory of the sun. Ari is close to Atoll Airport, which is a bonus. Cafes, restaurants, and guesthouses nearby make it a tourist favorite. 

Rasdhoo offers excellent snorkeling options because the coral reefs are breathtakingly beautiful. This beach is also very safe for children as it is not too deep – novice swimmers can also swim here to their heart’s content. The spectacular beach is clean and not very populated, making it a picnic option for you and your loved ones and can also create sandcastles. Rasdhoo beach is also big and has beautiful coconut canopies on one side, where you can settle in the sun rays.


It is part of a public beach in Bikini Beach Pardeshi that is restricted to locals. However, locals are not allowed in the bikini beach area, so you are obliged to go here only for tourists. Maafushi beach is popular as a destination to relax and unwind, so prepare to release all stress as you step into heaven. Calm, blue water, palms, and white sand are bound to relieve your stress!

A private speedboat from Male to Mafushi costs around 200 USD, which can be shared among occupants. You can also take the ferry for USD 4 per person per way. This is one of the best beaches for you so that you can enjoy your vacation in a relaxed and relaxed manner, as you can have a peaceful beach. Suraj loungers and coconut sellers are available in the tourist area. Sip a refreshing tender coconut along with relaxing in a bikini by the beach. You can also revel in a friendly game of beach volleyball with other beachgoers and make new friends!

Picnic Island Beach

Situated on a private resort island, this beach is open to non-resident tourists for an entrance fee. This beach is only open to tourists from Sunday to Thursday, as it is open to the locals for the rest of the days. You can enjoy a picnic on Picnic Island, and build sandcastles – a perfect beach date! Remember to bring your own gear for snorkeling.

Dhigurah Beach

Dhigurah beach is popular for its grand diving spots, where you bump into whale sharks. Located in the small Dhigurah island, it gives you a lot of privacy as it is not very populated. This bikini beach in the Maldives is about five kilometers long and extends to a narrow point, where you can walk around the island. It has only two diving centers that offer whale shark tours on USD 70, excluding equipment. The stark visibility of the water also allows you to see turtles and fish. With bikini privileges, this beach offers the whole deal!

A speedboat from Male takes you to the island in four and a half hours, a fare of $ 80 (for a predetermined time), or USD 1000 (for private booking). A ferry costs 8 USD per person. It is one of the most romantic beaches in the country, which lights up with many stars at night. It is perfect for a romantic midnight dip in the warm sea and a private dinner by the sea. Its solitude provides you with relaxing privacy, and you can enjoy your vacation away from stinging eyes.

Gafaru Local Island

Gafaru promises a unique experience as the island is inhabited mostly by locals. You are assured of an authentic Maldivian experience, complete with adventurous explorations on land and at sea. Catch up with some friendly locals on your way to the beach, meet tourists at Bikini Beach, and explore the unexplored in Gafaru!

A ferry ride costs USD 5 per person, and it takes three and a half hours to reach Gafaru Island from Male. A speedboat, costing USD 300, takes about an hour and a half to reach Safari.  On Bikini Beach, there are free sun lounges, where you can relax.

Gafru Island is well worth exploring as well – the city has brightly colored buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and grand. You can also swim with sea turtles, dive for corals and go onboard hunting on Gafaru Island – the possibilities are endless!

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