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Send Rakhi to India online to Surprise Your Brother

While the traditions of rakhi are rich and meaningful, the celebration of the brother-sister bond is what makes it an occasion which everyone can relate to. Sending rakhi to India online is what every sister wants for his brother in India. This makes the festival of rakhi ever so popular! The day comes with its own perks which spread the joy. The biggest and the most loved perk has to be the gifts of rakhi which are exchanged! Fantastic gifts are what makes the day memorable and earns a special place in the heart of one’s dear brother or sister. Send gifts to India

If you want to surprise your brother on this rakhi, make sure to pick something special as a gift to him. Before you make up your mind, have a look at some expertly curated fantastic gift options that you have at your disposal!

Rakhi Sets:

The best way to celebrate rakhi is, well, with a rakhi. Rakhi designs have taken the higher road and have evolved to peaks unknown! These designs stand out in the vast ocean of rakhis and will be the crowning jewel on the wrist of your brother. The amazingly designed rakhi sets employ some of the best materials in the business to get a very posh look. The skilled makers ensure zero excuses when it comes to delivering a polished finish. Overall, the amazing designs of these rakhis will be the turning point of the day! Send rakhi to India to your brother and make the day amazing!

Rakhi Special Sweets:

Sweets are the cornerstone of all Indian rituals and festivals. When browsing gifts and Online rakhi India, sweets pose an interesting choice. Rakhi special sweets are arranged with the occasion in minds which sets it apart from ordinary sweets. The entire arrangement is well-decorated and extremely presentable. The sweets come imbibed with the tasted of rakhi and brighten the day of the festival!

Box of Surprises:

Russian dolls are a superb concept – dolls within dolls! This Box of Surprises make good on that similar concept and makes an ideal rakhi gift for your brother when you are afar from him. Coming with a plethora of amazing and mystery-filled surprise gifts, the Box of Surprises takes the art of gifting to another level!

Tickets of Happiness:

Bringing something unique and fantastic to the table on rakhi, Tickets of Happiness delivers what it promises. A collection of “airline tickets”, these tickets will grant a plethora of gifts to your brother when you send it to him in India! These replica tickets are tasks and gifts which add a unique flavour to the usual rakhi gifts.

Rakhi Thali:

The traditional way of celebrating rakhi with all the proper rituals is a class apart. If you want your brother to revel in such a traditional way of celebrating this beautiful day, then a beautiful rakhi thali is the way to go. Rakhi thalis come in different shapes and sizes. The thali itself is beautifully decorated in a velvet lining and other decorative ornaments. On the thali, there will be some exceptional rakhis along with all the necessary accessories that give shape to the rituals.

Rakhi Gift Sets and Hampers:

The perfect way to set a precedent on the day of rakhi is to gift a fantastic hamper to your dear brother! Online rakhis and rakhi hampers are specially designed for the occasion and come with a plethora of items in it. Your brother will surely find it quite useful! Hampers for apparel, accessories, healthy eating and much more are available to choose from. These hampers deliver a bang for your buck and will also be making the way straight into your brother’s heart!

The festival of Rakhi is one of the oldest festivals in the world. It is still celebrated with high levels of fun, joy and amusement. The festival commemorates the sacred and affectionate relationship between brothers and sisters. Traditionally, this festival is spent with Rakhi threads, sweets and home made foods. Brothers give a present to their sisters after they tie Rakhi threads on their hands. Sisters too give presents to their brothers in time of tying the Rakhi thread. Hence, such an occasion would be incomplete without a meaningful gift. Nowadays, people go for buying presents, which are affordable and would make a lasting impression. For an occasion like Rakhi, today people even prefer to buy customized Rakhi threads too. 

How to Wrap Fragile Gifts


What would be best to give on Rakhi to your brother?

Along with rakhi to India online, today one can think about personalised gift options for her brother. However, prior to buying a Rakhi present, one should first know what her brother prefers the most. It can be books, gadgets, clothes, wallet, watch or perfume. If someone is unable to find out what her brother prefers the most, then the best option is a personalised gift. A coffee mug personalised with a photo in the front or personalised water bottle, photo frame and even greetings card would do magic. Here are top seven Rakhi gift ideas, which you can think before this traditional festival of India –

#1 Rakhi threads – This is the foremost gift that one should definitely give on the day of Rakhi. If one is away from India and wants to send a beautiful Rakhi thread, then availing online rakhi would be the best option. There are many online sites which offer varied gift options. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is such a site, through which one can easily send rakhi to india

#2 Rakhi thali – This is a new add on in the world of Rakhi gifts. In a thali, one can accumulate a Rakhi thread along with chocolates or sweets and Roli chawal. This set will be overwhelming for your brother. Especially those who are staying away from their brothers, such Rakhi Thalis will be an amazing Rakhi gift. 

#3 Watches – A black watch for your beloved brother can never go wrong. It is a truth that boys prefer watches. A smart and trendy watch would be perfect for your brother who is a college/university/office goer. 

#4 Personalised mug – Your brother would love to sip coffee or tea from a mug customized with a picture of him or a picture of him with you in the front. No doubt, it will make a lasting impression on your brother. Today such customizations are even easily available online. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is one such site that offers personalised mugs at an affordable price.  

#5 Gadgets – As a Rakhi gift, a gadget such as an ear phone, portable music box or a brand new mobile phone would be impressive. Especially if one’s brother is going to start his college or university life, she can definitely think about presenting any of the aforementioned. 

#6 Personalised Led photo frame – A Led photo frame holding a picture of you and your brother will make your brother nostalgic and emotional. He will keep remembering about the sweet memory he once shared with you whenever he will look at the frame. Such personalised gifts are now easily available in both online and physical markets. 

#7 A combo of Rakhi thread and personalized chocolate set – It is now possible to send a chocolate box personalized with the photo of your brother on the cover. It will go absolutely wonderful with a Rakhi thread,

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