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SEO-How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy in 2020


Search Engine Optimization- SEO –  is a technique to create web content that will rank high in search engine result pages. It is the practice to optimize the content of any website so that any search can discover it and display it in the organic search results. By optimizing the content on your websites and WebPages, your website can get ranked in the search engine results pages. It assists in improving your website’s visibility for relevant searches.

SEO has become a common term today. In 2020 if you want to optimize your website, then you should upgrade your SEO services. There are over a billion sites on the internet, and almost all use SEO strategies to optimize their content to appear in the top search results. So, you know the competition is very tough. Today your website requires a more powerful and effective SEO strategy so that you can gain top rankings in search results. There are various SEO company in Bangalore that can help you to build your SEO Strategies

To make your website get high rankings and traffic, here are some tips to help you create an SEO strategy to gain that is strong and effective to help your website become a hit. 

7 Tips for creating an effective SEO strategy in 2020 

  • Influencer Marketing

The popularity of influencers’ marketing has increased, and people usually look up to what the influencers suggest in their videos and posts. It might not sound fitting to SEO strategy, but it plays a vital role in it. People nowadays look for their reviews online. Rather than investing in advertising, influencer marketing is more efficient. People find it more trustworthy and authentic.

If you collaborate with influencers, there are chances that your website to get better reach as they will promote it in their content and provide links to your website. Influencers help in building quality links and increase your traffic on your website.

  • Voice Search

Voice search is the modish way of searching, and it is in trend nowadays. Gone are the days when people used to write the search query in their search tabs, now they prefer to speak and search. Optimizing your website for voice search is the SEO strategy that can help your website generate more traffic. Nearly 50% of users do voice searches on Google. This trend can help you stand out in the search results. You should optimize. In voice search, the keywords are longer phrases, so there is a higher probability of conversions.

  • Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are referred to as “position 0” in the Google search results page. These appear at the top in the search results above the top number 1 search results. It has a high click-through rate, and it gets approx 54% of clicks. By this feature, your website can create more traffic even if it is not ranked top.  To appear in the featured snippets, you need to answer the user’s search query with clear and right answers. If the quality of your content is good, then it has a chance to get featured in snippets.

  1. Optimize your website for mobile view

 Most of internet users have android phones, and they prefer to use their mobile phones for their search queries. Your website should have a website version because, in 2020, mobile web pages are the latest trend. So it is crucial to optimize your website for a mobile view so that the customers can get the best online experience on their mobile phones as well. Create a mobile version of your website. Optimize your webpages for the mobile view because there are more mobile phone users. If you don’t have a mobile version, then it can affect your traffic and conversions.

High-Quality Content

Optimization of the content like meta tags, title tags, description, images’ etc. is the fundamental SEO practice you perform on your website. Today you need to create content that is unique and attractive to engage the customer on your website. The user chooses to visit any website over another for the quality of the content. If the quality of the content is better, then the website generates more traffic. The content on your website should be relevant, informative, unique, and attractive. You should include animations, infographics, quality articles, blog posts, videos, etc. to make your content of richer quality.

  1. Optimize Page Speed

Today when people are using the fastest networks, you also need to focus on speeding up the loading time your webpages. If your page takes too much time to load the content, then the user might exit in very little time without even bothering to look what’s into it. Your page’s speed matters a lot if you want to increase ranking faster. The loading speed should not be more than 3 seconds. To improve page speed, take the help of a developer to accelerate your page’s speed. You can compress images and limit the number of redirects to increase speed.

  • Website Audit

Website Auditing means to check whether your site has any errors and any defects that can affect the user’s experience. Fix the bugs and make the site free of any errors. If your website contains any technical issues, then the customer might leave your website just after detecting any faults. Some usual errors on any website are broken images, server errors, orphaned pages, broken links, redirects, etc. There are many tools to fix this problem. Today people need perfection and to make sure your website is perfect, to remove the errors and increase your traffic. 


In 2020 you need to have an SEO strategy that is effective in the competition and increase traffic despite the heavy competition. If your SEO strategy is efficient, then you can get the most benefit out of it. If you have your website and are aware of all the SEO strategies, then you need to level up with these tips to build your website and get the best results. SEO agency in Bangalore can help in increasing your site’s traffic, conversion rates, and gain more audience. Move ahead with the latest trends and create a website that can get top rankings with the most effective SEO strategy.

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