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Serotonin Boost: 5 Natural and Hassle-free Ways to Increase Serotonin Efficiently

Serotonin is an essential hormone that plays a vital role in a lot of processes happening all over your body round-the-clock. With healthy serotonin levels, you’ll have smoother digestion, a quality sleep, as well as a better mood to enjoy. 


On the other hand, with low or poor serotonin levels, you’ll likely suffer from anxiety, depression, impatience, impulsiveness, and poor appetite. You’ll also find it hard to sleep, feel fatigued even without doing loads of work, and start craving sweets.      


To help you increase your serotonin without a hassle, we listed some of the helpful tips. So, read further and learn these natural ways to boost serotonin levels adequately. 

1. Eat right: Be mindful of the foods that you eat.

Foods that are high in carbohydrates like bread, pasta, pastries, popcorn and potatoes, naturally boost insulin levels and support more tryptophan, a vital amino acid essential for the production of serotonin, to enter the brain. You can already feel the soothing effect of serotonin as fast as thirty minutes after eating the said foods.


Although you’ll feel a lot happier after eating the forenamed foods, they may result in high blood sugar levels that may cause memory issues somehow in the future. Thus, try eating healthier foods to increase serotonin such as apples, blueberries, carrots, and garbanzos beans. 


You can also have a bowl of oatmeal with some nuts, brown rice with salmon on the side, whole-wheat bread with some cheese and turkey, pineapple or plum, and a glass of milk. 

2. Stay active and fit with daily exercise.

Exercise is a very well-known factor that furthers a healthy mind and body. But aside from that, exercise may also contribute to boosting serotonin levels. 


Exercise or physical activity generates the release of an essential amino acid known as tryptophan into the blood. It can also reduce the supply of other amino acids creating an ideal environment for tryptophan to reach the brain. 


So, get your workout clothes and get the sweat flowing from your head down to your feet. Some of the best exercises you can try are aerobic exercise, brisk walking, cycling, jogging, light hiking, and swimming.  

3. Step outside: Absorb some bright and natural light. 

Who knows that as simple as soaking under the sun can also help boost serotonin? Well, you read it right. Stepping outside to get some bright and natural light helps increase serotonin levels. 


With that, start stepping outside and absorb the morning sun. Spending some time outside daily, even for about 10-15 minutes, is already a huge help.


Also, instead of going to the gym, try doing an early morning run or walk as your daily physical exercise. With that, you’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone! 


You can also spend some time gardening, watering the plants while absorbing the morning sun. But of course, don’t forget to wear a generous layer of sunscreen, okay?  

4. Take some organic serotonin supplements.

Another thing you can do to boost your serotonin levels is to take some organic serotonin supplements. But you must consult your health provider first before purchasing a bottle of serotonin supplements or before switching to a new one. 


When consulting your healthcare provider, see to it that you’ll tell them regarding your herbal remedies, over-the-counter medication, prescription medication, and other possible vitamins and supplements that you’re taking.  


5. Break the unhealthy sleeping habit. Get enough and good sleep!

The next thing, which also happens to be the last tip on the list is none other than practising a healthy sleeping pattern. If you don’t mind knowing, the unhealthy sleeping habit may affect the usage, as well as the production of serotonin. 


So, avoid getting deprived of sleep to keep the production of serotonin at its utmost state. If sleeping during bedtime happens to be an uneasy task for you, check out this article and find out the answers to your sleeping issues. 


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Serotonin is a vital neurotransmitter, which your mind and body need. That’s why considering these natural and hassle-free ways, will for sure help you boost your serotonin levels. 



Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with library and information science on the side and now writes for Fitbiz. It’s an Australian-based business that retails quality fitness equipment. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watch on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies

About Kath Ramirez

Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with library and information science on the side and now writes for a few Australian, European, and NZ-based companies. She spends her weekdays in front of her computer writing about business, lifestyle, health and fitness, sports, travel, dating and relationship, and everything under the sun. On weekends, you’ll either see her binge-watching on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.

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