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Services Your Uber Clone App Can Provide As Workforce Returns to Offices


The Uber app has changed the way we travel and use public transport. It has made it convenient, quick, and easy on the pocket. Apart from that, it provides a regular income to cab owners and drivers. The success of Uber led to an increase in Uber like app development

If you are the owner of such an app, you understand what we are talking about. We are also aware of the hit your business took during the lockdown. And we know you must now be looking for ways to make up for that lost revenue.


If you are new to this, you might be looking for business opportunities in the post-COVID world. If that is what you have in mind, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will discuss services that your Uber clone app can provide as people are returning to offices.


People don’t need rides just traveling from home to office and back home. Read on to know how you can add and improve your service to provide more convenience to your users. 

Business Travel

With many countries opening international flights, traveling to foreign countries will soon become as normal as before. That will also include traveling for business which means more rides to and from the airport.

But simply offering rides won’t do. You need to capitalize on your vast network of cabs and drivers in multiple cities. Here’s how you can do that.

Corporate Collaboration

You can tie up with companies to exclusively use your Uber clone app in the USA at a lower cost. That will not only ensure regular income but will also build goodwill that is important for sustaining your business.

Cost-Effective Plans

Offering exclusive service will also help companies in regulating their budget. It will ease or maybe eliminate the hassle of reimbursing their employees or keeping track of it.

Advance Bookings

Enabling users to book rides in advance will make sure that they reach the airport on time. That will prevent any kind of stress for the users from reaching the airport on time. It will help them to entirely focus on their work.

Local Commute

Since the condition of traffic will revert to pre-COVID times, people will again start using cab services frequently. That means you will have to prepare for a spike in usage.

But that’s not all!

You can offer improved services to your users on your Uber like app to ease any kind of predicaments nagging them.


You can offer companies a discounted plan for the door-to-door commute of their employees. Assuring them that you and your drivers are using every COVID precaution will ease their anxiousness about traveling by cab again.


The reopening of offices doesn’t mean only work and no play. Companies will resort to their earlier activities of retreats and events. Many have different occasions to celebrate with their teammates that require them to travel.

You can provide companies with a voucher that they can give to their employees to show appreciation. You can do that with the help of Uber clone app development. Even offering them rides to and from office events will go a long way in improving employee experience.


So you already have a user base. You have built a great rapport with different companies, and your service has met their expectations. Now is the time to offer them different services. And one of the most crucial ones you can offer them is food delivery.

We understand there are many food delivery businesses out there. But you already have a dedicated user base. And with the correct approach and strategy, you can make a name for your brand in food delivery too. Here’s how. 

WFH Meals

Although many offices have opened to full capacity, some are still working with 50% employees. The rest are still working from home. We know how isolated one can feel while not working from the office, surrounded by colleagues and bustling activities. 

To make them feel connected, many companies send complimentary lunches to their employees wherever they are working. You can also chip in and offer food delivery services at a discount through your Uber-like app. This will not only keep the spirits of the staff high, but it will also improve your brand image.

Group Order

The notion of ordering food might seem enticing, but COVID is still a persistent issue. People may not like multiple food delivery personnel entering the office premises. To ease the tension, you can offer the option of group order.

That way, only one delivery executive will enter the office premises. As it would be a bulk order, you can offer a “Bulk Order Discount” on your Uber clone app. If you can execute this properly, it will lead to regular revenue and increased profitability.

Food for Virtual Meetings

Meetings are an inevitable part of every business. Since half the employees are at the office and half are at home, companies have resorted to virtual meetings. However, as mentioned in the previous point, the management doesn’t want WFH employees to feel disconnected.

Therefore, you can offer food for virtual meetings. Be it a meeting or any virtual event, enabling companies to cover the cost of meals for their employees would be a huge plus. You can do that by offering vouchers and discounts. Uber like clone App Development will play a huge role in making this feature.

Appreciation Vouchers

The current times are still very uncertain. No one knows if and when another COVID variant will hit us. Therefore, it is important for the morale of the team to be high. Companies will do everything possible to do that.

You can help them by again giving discount vouchers for food to companies. They can, in turn, give them to their employees to show appreciation and say thanks. Such gestures will keep the workforce encouraged and your brand image on top.


Still with us? Great! Because we are in the last leg of our article. And it deals with something that most people don’t really give a second thought to. We are not talking about file and document delivery. Thanks to technology, it has taken care of that aspect of work.

But there are many other physically tangible things that people need on a daily basis. And your Uber clone app can help with that.

B2B Deliveries

There was always a need for B2B deliveries. But as the world is reopening, everyone can feel the pinch of logistic issues. But with your vast network, you can bridge this gap and offer a delivery solution.


One of the most important deliverables today is medicine. They need transportation urgently and efficiently as it is a matter of life and death in many cases. Since people may be reluctant to step out of their homes or may be unable to do so, you can help them here. 

You can again rely on your huge network through your Uber-like app and offer same-day delivery. If you can manage to do that, you may solve a huge problem for which most people need a solution. 

In Conclusion

The services mentioned above may seem like an enticing prospect, but at the same time, feel intimidating to integrate. However, if you have made up your mind, you need a strong tech partner by your side. Their developers must know what they are doing and should be competent enough to smoothly integrate the new features.

For this, you can use the services of our Uber clone app development company. We have been working in this field for a long time and understand its nuances. If you wish to have a discussion, all you have to do is connect with Narola Infotech.

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