Seven Qualities Of An Excellent Yoga Teacher

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For a yoga learner, it is difficult to cross even the first step without the guidance of a yoga teacher. It is the yoga teacher who teaches you the true meaning of Yoga. A good yoga teacher can help their students reach such levels that sometimes the learner is not aware of. A yoga teacher must provide students with an experience that empowers them and increases their gratification and happiness in their yoga practice.

Along with proper training like 300 hour yoga teacher training, there are certain other qualities that a yoga teacher must-have.

Have a look at the top 7 qualities of an excellent yoga teacher

Proper Understanding And Love For Yoga

The essential quality is the utmost love for Yoga. Without love for something, you cannot exalt its qualities to others. Here love also implies a deep insight and a proper understanding of varied facets that make up Yoga.

As a good teacher, it’s not sufficient to have a yoga teacher training certificate and a few years of experience. It helps them in taking the class confidently in the required direction.

Without experience, it is not easy to motivate others to imbibe Yoga.

Experience and Love For Yoga

The top quality is love for Yoga. Unless you love something, you can hardly extol its qualities to other learners. Love here also means deep respect and understanding of the various facets that make up Yoga and not just the asana part.

As a teacher, you must have your yoga teacher training certifications and have a long-established practice. Along with a love for Yoga, a teacher must have the appropriate experience, which will enable them to take the class in the right direction confidently.

Without experience, it isn’t easy to inspire others to learn this magical life science and imbibe it into their lifestyle.

Proper Knowledge About Different Pose With Self-Practice

Yoga is a series of different poses that one should put in the right direction to obtain the best results. Yoga teachers sometimes stagger on some specified steps in their learning carrier, and these steps act as building blocks to become a good teacher. It is because your students will also stumble on these specific steps.

Therefore, a good teacher should address all of these difficulties beforehand to ensure your students feel confident and are not feeling embarrassed for staggering in any specific step.

To identify which part of the pose is difficult, it’s necessary to prepare first and practice that [articular pose beforehand. Some of the yoga teachers make the mistake of not mastering the pose and try teaching Yoga early. This might add cynicism to learners, which makes them lose confidence and faith in the teacher.

A Teacher Should Not Have An Ego

To be a good teacher, it’s necessary to leave ego. A yoga class is not about one own practice, but it involves instilling the knowledge in students. A good yoga teacher never shows off their skills. Instead, he/she tries to teach their students poses that are suitable for their level.

A yoga teacher happily shares his/her knowledge freely, which helps build a sense of strong confidence among the learners. Adjustments and alignments are an integral part of learning, and they should be attended to positively.

A teacher should always keep in mind that he/she is in a medium that can transform a learner’s life and take them to a happy and peaceful place.


One of the vital principles of Yoga is keeping track of time and performing specific Yoga at a particular time of the day. Yoga teachers should be well aware of these facts.

Punctuality is one of the best qualities of an excellent teacher. A good teacher arrives in class well on time. They prefer to start the course smoothly and develop a good rapport with their students.

Punctuality helps one have a proper interaction with students, uplift and know every student’s basic requirements.

A Strong Desire To Assist People In Growing

When you have few years of experience and a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you are well ahead of all your students in everything related to Yoga. You might have the proper knowledge about mantras and can rattle them in Sanskrit. But these will be helpful when you pass them on to your students to understand well.

There are several times when a yoga student feels out of depth and gets over-whelmed by some of the yoga practices. A good teacher always has a strong desire to assist a struggling student. An attitude of proper understanding and compassion in a yoga teacher helps students feel safe and highly inspired to learn Yoga and take it to high levels.

A yoga teacher can efficiently lead to a large class and feel connected to every learner, besides knowing their strengths and weaknesses.

A Good Yoga Teacher Always Has Vital Patience.

Patience is indeed a specific word, but the act of being patient is challenging. It is challenging for a teacher to keep patience when students keep repeating the mistakes repeatedly.

Not every student is a fast learner, which is why one should not expect every student to grasp everything quickly.

People come in various forms, and a yoga teacher must accept everybody as they are and teach them in a way they are comfortable with. This needs a high amount of patience. Therefore being patient is counted among the top 7 qualities of a good yoga teacher.

Right Communication Skill

Voice is one of the most powerful tools that can be utilized to bring in the right direction and to learn in the whole group. A teacher capable of maintaining the rhythm and the proper flow of the class by their voice is considered one of the best teachers.

Yoga is a daunting task for some learners, but a good yoga teacher should have the necessary skill to communicate a feeling of strong support for those learners. The tone of the voice should not intimidate the students.

However, it is also vital for all yoga teachers to allow some moments of silence to enable every learner to reflect and focus on their practices. These things are taught in a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Preaching Yoga with absolute passion and generating a great knowledge experience for yoga learners is positively mesmerizing. Therefore, to be a great yoga teacher, it is necessary to have all these essential traits.

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