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Several Types of High-Quality Industrial Flow Meters

Flow meters are essential in flow measurement because they help control the flow of liquids in a system. These meters also help to keep the whole system in a good way. They are used in many applications, which include; power creation, refineries, and water treatment.
Flow meters come in different types, and each model works differently. Always make sure to use these meters for their applications so that you may get the best results. The following are some of the high-quality flowmeters that are available in the market. A most popular flow meter that is mostly used by the industrial area.

Single-Use Flow Meters

These meters are usually used in applications that need high hygiene. These applications are in the biopharma and food industries. This meter includes invasive sensors that touch the working liquid and are thrown away after use.
The non-invasive designs that do not feel the fluid are always reusable. If you need high accuracy measurements, sensor reliability, and compatibility, these meters fit you. Coriolis flowmeters are always available in single use. These meters have a high initial cost and can also clog.

Coriolis Flow Meter

Coriolis is among the most popular meters in the market. They are the most accurate meters and are usually used in custody transfer applications. These meters measure the actual mass of fluid. They also operate using Newton’s second law of motion. Coriolis work using a rotation that is induced in the pipe at a backing speed. The swinging rate will change with the changes in the mass of the liquid. Coriolis flowmeter is always available in single use.

Coriolis meters are among the most accurate meters and are used in many applications, including gas and liquid. These meters will give you measurements of mass, density, and temperatures. They are always used in medicine, wastewater natural gas measurements, and custody transfer.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

These meters measure changes in pressure to find the velocity of the fluid. Differential pressure meters present a laminar flow element that estimates the pressure drop using the restriction. The pressure drop between the upstream and downstream is directly related to the rate of the flow. This meter operates perfectly where moving parts are essential. They are also the best if you want ultrafast response time.

You can find these meters in applications such as water measurements, chemical industries, and measuring the output of fuels. They are also used in labs to determine and regulate the flow of gases when combining them.
When using these meters, you will not require straight tubes to run. They are also accurate and are perfect for measuring thick fluids. This meter needs you to use power. And is only used to measure the flow of gases and liquids.

Gear Meters

Gear meters use rotors that have been joined to spin when the fluid passes through them. The amount of liquid passing over the oval gears is well monitored. And this gives meters high accuracy levels. Gear meters have a simple make. This makes them easy to install in aggressive surroundings.

These meters are fit for thick fluids. You can use these meters in applications that have viscous fluids and hydraulic as well. Since these gears are still stainless, you can use them in petrochemical industries. These meters are always accurate and do not need straight tubes.

Magnetic Meters

Magnetic flow meters are among the best meters in the flow industry. They do not have moving parts and therefore are not prone to wear or tear. Magnetic flowmeters come in two different types. These are insertion and full-bore. The coils in these meters create a magnetic field.
When a conductive fluid passes through the magnetic field, it will create energy through an electrode in the meter wall or insertion probe. The developed power is directly related to the flow of liquids. These meters work by measuring the electrical content of the liquid. These meters do not have moving parts. And also give no intrusion on the flow channel.

You can use these flow meters in food and beverages, water purification, pulp, and paper industries. Magnetic flow meters are also used in mining and chemical applications. Always make sure not to use these meters with low conductivity fluids. Magnetic flow meters can also handle heavy slurries and have no pressure drops.

Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

Paddlewheel flowmeters have a spinning paddlewheel, propellers, and a swaying disk. The spinning component has been made to give a pulse when passing an optical sensor. The speed of the pulse is directly related to the energy of the liquid at one point in the flow channel. These flow meters will give high accuracy measurements, and they also have low costs.
Some designs are easy to install, while others are difficult. You will find paddlewheel flow meters in the rural areas for irrigation and aquafarms purposes. Paddlewheel flowmeters are used in a wide range of applications in oil and gas industries and utilities.

They also work perfectly with viscous fluids if the flow of liquid is turbulent. These meters are also not expensive, and you can install them easily. They use moving parts, and therefore you will need a full tube.

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine meters are also one of the most loved meters in flow measurement. They have a bladed rotor that is put along a centerline of the flow channel. The spinning component has a make that gives a pulse when going through either a magnetic or optical sensor.

The speed of the pulse created is directly related to the velocity of the liquid. Some creations give high accuracy levels and can measure thick fluids. Some may also meet sanitary guidelines.
Irrigation and water purification are the two primary uses of turbine meters. Other applications are oil and gas, utilities, and wastewater industries. If you use them in sanitary connections, they are applied in food and beverages.

Make sure to always use these meters in high-flow applications. They are accurate and have a millisecond response time. They also have high and low-pressure capabilities. These meters have moving parts, and so, they can wear and tear.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

These meters give more advanced technology and massive versatility than other meters. These flow meter types determine the speed shift of an ultrasonic signal that is sent over the liquid. There are two types of ultrasonic flow meters, and these are Doppler and transit time.

Ultrasonic meters are versatile, and you can use them in a wide range of applications. These applications include; pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and wastewater applications. You can also use them to determine the flow of corrosive liquids.
These meters are highly accurate and have no pressure drops. They have low maintenance costs and are always expensive to buy compared to other meters. Always make sure to use them in high flow measure measurement.

Final Thought

Flow meters are essential in everyday industrial processes. They come in different types, and their working principle is also different. Before you choose a meter for your application, make sure to understand the application clearly. Also, make sure to read more about these meters. You can as well seek help from the sellers. They will train you on the installation and maintenance processes.

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