Sew In Hair Extensions- Find The One That Suits You The Best

Everyone wants to try new hairstyles, but only if their hair is thick, shiny, long and healthy. With long hair, you can easily create any style of your choice. Sew in hair extensions, also known as weaves, are excellent options for those who want to enhance their natural hair.The beauty is that you’ll be protecting your natural hair, best sew in the hair will limit damage, and you’ll get a truly natural and one-of-a-kind look. Using Sew In Extensions, you can enhance the beauty of your face with different hairstyles.

In this blog, we’ll look at:-

  • What Exactly Is Sew In Hair Extensions?
  • Types of sew-in installation methods.
  • Pre-installation care for sewing in extensions.
  • How do you keep your stitched hair looking good?
  • Is it possible to dye your stitched hair extensions?
  • What are the best sew-in hair options?
  • How do you choose the right hair texture for sewing?
  • Where can I get the best sew-in hair?

So stay tuned for a complete guide on how to sew hair extensions and how to take care of them.

What Are Sew In Hair Extensions?

Sew-in hair extensions, also known as weave hair extensions, are woven into your natural hair. These extensions are especially popular due to their low cost and flawless appearance. They are known to blend in with your natural hair giving you a stunning look.

Buy online sewing hair extensions will only take a few hours. The result is always flawless and safe, allowing you to rock some of the most popular weave hairstyles!

Types Of Sew-In Installation Method

There are two ways to set up your sew in hair extensions: a partial sew or a full sew. Each method serves a specific goal. In general, you will decide based on how much maintenance you want to do during your sewing cycle.

  • Partial sew-in- A partial sew-in is one where the base of the stitch hangs over the part. This method allows you to use a section of your natural hair to cover the weft. If the right type is chosen for your hair type, a partial seam will give you the most natural look. For a partial stitch, your hair should be long enough to blend in with your extensions and have the right texture to match your hair.
  • Full sew-in-  A full sew-in is one in which the base of the stitch is completely braided. During installation, a lace closure or lace frontal is sewn over your braids. A full stitch gives you more options when it comes to hair color and length. There is no need to mix with your natural hair. it’s a piece of cake.

Pre-Installation Care For Sew In Extensions

  1. Clean your natural hair: Before you start sewing, make sure your natural hair is clean. Use a gentle sulfate-free or clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup or excess oil from your hair and scalp. If you have clean hair, it will be much easier to put together and apply hair extensions. Remember that extensions will make your hair inaccessible, so make sure it’s clean before braiding in preparation for the weave.
  2. Conditioner:- It is essential to have healthy, well-maintained natural hair prior to installation. Before trying this style, be sure to take care of your natural hair for at least three weeks. Use hair serums, masks and other essential vitamins to nourish your hair. Deep conditioning is a great way to hydrate hair and scalp before braiding and twisting, as a lot of your hair will be manipulated during the sew-in installation.
  3. Trimming:- Thin ends are prone to splitting and tangling. To avoid tangles and knots (which cause breakage) when removing your weave, trim your ends just before sewing them. Don’t worry about lost length; If you take proper care of the hair under it, it will grow back quickly.

How Do You Keep Your Sewn-In Hair Looking Good?

  1. Wash- Wash your hair upside down so that excess residue doesn’t get deposited on your natural hair.
  2. Products- When it comes to styling products, organic and alcohol-free options are the best.
  3. Sleeping- Satin pillows are best for keeping curls in place while sleeping.
  4. Swimming- Wear a swimming cap if you have to go for swimming, especially in salt water.
  5. Extra Tips- Avoid using chemicals for at least two weeks after setting your stitch-weave, so that it looks good and your natural hair stays healthy.

Is It Possible To Dye Your Sew-In Hair?

Yes, you absolutely can! A simple and risk free way to experiment with hair color without damaging your natural hair. Use clean, virgin hair for best results; Whether you want to darken your stitches, whiten them, or try a bright color like red or blue.

What Are The Best Sew-In Hair Options?

When choosing to sew in hair, you want to make sure you choose the right hairdo. Many different hair types can be used. Some of the best hair for sewing comes in a variety of styles and colors that appeal to a wide range of women.
Pure human hair is the most popular hair grade and is of the highest quality because the hair has never been processed or altered with chemicals. Pure human hair can be dyed and styled as many times as natural hair. The best option to consider is to best online wigs to buy USA.

Which Is The Right Hair Texture For Sew In Extensions?

  1. Loose deep wave: A loose deep wave is a type of wave hairstyle that typically consists of large, loose curls. A loose deep wave has a slightly tighter curl than a body wave. In this case, the hair is neither too tight nor too straight. Most women prefer a loose deep wave because it is more natural and fuller.
  2. Deep wave hair: Some women have deep curly hair, which means loose deep waves will look best with this texture. Remember that women have different hair types. Some have coils and tight curls, while others have loose curls. That means they’ll benefit from deep wave hair texture to sew-in.
  3. Water wave hair: Water wave human hair is one of the most popular hair textures today. I love that it’s the difference between regular wavy and curly hair. You can cut it to any length you want, but what’s even better is that it stays bouncy and shiny with the proper elasticity.
  4. Curly hair: This hairstyle has short and tight curls. This usually gives the hair a more voluminous look than other types of hair. Curly hair attracts me because it gives the feel of youth and fun. Because some of us have curly hair, these hair weaves will still suit us.

Where Can I Get The Best Sew In Hair?

  • Bounce Deep Wave: Do you like naturally curly texture but want something fuller? Bounce Deep Wave is the ideal complement! The deep wave has a lot of volume and gorgeous waves, so you can create a great style with the right cut. Each BOUNCE piece holds about 3.75oz hair (105-107grams) for 10in and 14in. For 18in and 22in lengths, about 4oz (110g) of hair.
  • Remix Deep Wave: It has a lot of volume and beautiful waves. Discover the Oriental Secret- Vibrant, Shiny, Virgin Hair from Southeast Asia. Indic’s SEA collection, which is available in natural, virgin textures as well as patterns created using an innovative steam process, offers unmatched beauty from an unexpected source. The Remix Collection is available in 2.8 oz. bundle. Depending on the length and desired fullness, you can choose your hair.
  • Pure Wavy Hair: Indic’s Pure Wavy is made from 100% natural wavy virgin hair from temples in India. Pure wavy hair has a distinct fall pattern that creates smooth movement and an extraordinary body. Indic’s pure wavy hair texture is extremely versatile: It can be worn long or in layers, and the natural wave pattern is simply stunning. Each piece has a distinct but blending wave pattern. Pure wavy has the ability to create a variety of styles while maintaining its original wave pattern. Each PURE piece holds about 3.75oz of hair (105-107grams) for 10in, 12in and 14in. For 16 inches and over, 4 oz (110 g) of hair is recommended.

When it comes to hair games for women, sew in hair extensions is a godsend. Sew allows you to try out all the hairstyles that will make you look amazing regardless of your hair type. Now that you know what a hair stitch is, go to Indic and slay to find the right stitch for you!

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