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Sex-A way to burn your calories

Sex-A way to burn your calories.

It is not known to the majority of people out there. But sexual indeed helps you to lose weight. More than half of the United States is on a diet to lose weight. They should also include sex in their weight management plan to increase efficiency. In fact, sexual does not only help you to burn calories, but it also helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keeping pounds in control is good for bones, heart, lungs, etc. It can also keep cancer away.

According to the UHS, it is essential to exercise regularly or be physically active for managing female sexual health and overall health. In the US, around 73.7 of men and 69.9 of women are obese. It is not something to be surprised by; moreover, they are currently on a diet to control weight. As a nation, you all should know that your diet, weight, and health are related to one another.

Understanding the role of sex in maintaining body weight

Having sexuality regularly is very good for human health as it helps to burn calories and makes them feel content. You should understand that sex does not allow you to lose as much weight as the gym does definitely. However, it is also essential to know that even exercise will not suffice alone. It is the result of a recent study. Furthermore, we are going to look into detail about why sex needs to be powerfully combined into our health plan to attain and maintain a healthy weight, regardless of you doing the gym or not.

A moderately intense exercise

Sex is an exercise. It helps to maintain our health as well as gives us pleasure. Professor Karelis carried out a study to determine the physiological effects of sex on partners. He carries out this study with 21 heterosexual couples, aging between 18 and 35. He asked the couples to have sex once a week for a month, which means four times a month. During this, they were asked to wear an activity tracker that enabled the researchers to determine how much energy each of them utilized during sexuality.

The study, meant a good sexual encounter, including foreplay, intercourse, and orgasm, which was mandatory for at least one of them. The results showed that men burnt a101 calories, on average, while women burnt 69 calories approximately during sex. The average burnt calories obtained from the activity were relatively higher than that burnt during a walk but lesser than jogging. The professor put sex in the category of moderately intense exercise. If that’s not appealing enough, the data revealed more.

More enjoyable than working out at the gym

Sex has been considered better and more enjoyable than a gym workout. The number of calories burnt during sexual intercourse extends over a wide range. For example, the least that was recorded is 13 calories by men and 11.6 calories by women. However, the maximum recorded is 306 calories burnt by men while 164 calories burnt by women.

Coming towards the duration of each sexual activity. It is recorded that, on average, a sexual encounter lasted for 24.7 minutes, including foreplay, intercourse, and an orgasm. However, the actual range of duration that couples spent together for sex was 12.5 minutes to 36.9 minutes. From this data, one can conclude that to burn calories; either one needs to have vigorous sex or spend more time in the activity. Moreover, both can help to lose more calories if used as a combination. It helps to improve female sexual health.

Then Professor Karelis compared sex with a regular workout at the gym. According to him, men burnt around 149 to 390 calories during a 30-minute moderately intense activity on a treadmill. However, women were observed to burn between 120 and 381 calories in the same condition. People were asked if sex was better or working out at the gym. 95 % of these people stated that they enjoyed sex more than pounding the treadmill.

Exercise might not suffice for losing weight

Doctors believe that exercising alone is not sufficient for weight loss. Along with training, one may need to control one’s appetite. Some hormones can help to maintain our appetite. These hormones are produced during sex or orgasm. Therefore, one can use sex to release important hormones that will cause us to eat less.

Sex restraints the intake of food

Oxytocin is a love hormone that is produced by the hypothalamus of our brains and gastrointestinal tract during sex in abundance. It has been observed that oxytocin is responsible for many functions, including sex, childbirth, breastfeeding, female sexual health, building empathy and relationships, etc.  The levels of oxytocin rise during an orgasm, specifically. Oxytocin reduces the consumption of calories. People intake fewer calories after the production of oxytocin or the use of intranasal oxytocin spray. Also, it is essential to know that this hormone doesn’t stay in the body for long. It usually vanishes within a few minutes. Hence, our food intake will be transient after a single sexual encounter. In this way, sex contributes to managing our eating habits to contribute to overall weight loss.

Fun facts about sex, weight gain, and weight loss

This article will answer your long-asked question, ‘Does sex really lead to weight gain or loss?’ Well, people around have different opinions regarding the impact of sex on female sexual health and female body weight. Multiple pieces of research show that having too much sex can cause weight gain. However, there are experiments that have shown that having too much sex can help to burn calories and lose weight. In this article, we will discuss both aspects one by one.

Sex and weight gain

A couple of reports concluded that women experience weight gain on certain parts of their bodies like breasts and hips after making love. It happens because of the production of the ‘prolactin’ hormone in the female body. Prolactin stimulates love and the production of milk by the mammary glands. The required levels of prolactin in the blood are gained, especially when you reach orgasm during sex. Hence, it helps to enhance female sexual health.

There is a common belief that couples often gain weight after marriage. The calorie intake also increases. It is considered that having meals together and intaking higher amounts of calories can make them gain a few pounds. It might be surprising for you, but a sense of security and happiness can actually increase your appetite.

Sex and Weight Loss

Does sexual cause you to lose weight? Yes, it does. This fact is actually as you tend to burn calories during sex due to exertion and sweating. According to studies, it is believed that a person burns around 100 calories on average in half an hour of passionate sex. The more vigorous and active you are in bed, the more you can lose weight.

Moreover, sex helps to curb your fat and carb cravings due to cortisol. Cortisol is a high anxiety hormone that is kept in check by having sex regularly. So you can control your appetite by increasing your frequency of sex.


Excessive weight gain or weight loss can be alarming. Both cases can have a significant impact on female sexual health. Therefore, to make sure that you have a balanced weight, you must keep your diet checked. Having a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help you to maintain a good weight and healthy lifestyle.

For more information related to female sexual health, you can talk to a female health specialist. Contact the harbor compounding pharmacy, for more details.

Reference article link: https://www.seosakti.com/sex-a-way-to-burn-your-calories/

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