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Shalom Lamm Tells About the Life of A US Army Soldier

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The daily life of a US army soldier depends on his branch of service, choice of career, and where he is located but there are multiple experiences the serving army soldiers have in common. In this article of Shalom Lamm you can have a complete knowledge of the life of an army soldier by learning about the challenges and benefits, they face.


Length Of Commitment

The length of commitment of a serving army soldier depends on the branch of the service, career choice, and minimum training. The first term of the military academy is of Active Duty, which trains the cadets for future ventures. This period is followed by 4 years in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).  While on Active Duty the army soldier Is not working 24/7. Just like civilian jobs,  he also has some work hours off.

While the Individual Ready Reserve is describe as an “on-call” job.  The soldier is not trained and he lives at home maintaining a civilian job, but this soldier can be called on duty any time. this limitation however expires after some time.

Physical Fitness

The importance of physical fitness can never be ignore. It is a major part of military training and an important element of Basic Training and is strongly motivate throughout an army soldier’s military career.


According to Shalom Lamm Every cadet at the time of admission must clear the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) at Basic Training to graduate. The best way to clear this PFT test is to be ready for it physically as possible.  Read out the basic requirements the specifics of your Service branch’s Physical Fitness Test and also work out the exercises required.


The housing on base depends on the ranks of the army officer. It also depends on the location and the situation of an army family. All cadets live in the barracks during Basic Training. When the cadet completes basic Training and the single on service army soldiers are entitled to reside on base for some time. The On-base housing differs from one location to the other but is similar to living in modern college dormitories and apartment complexes.  Army soldiers with families live in bungalows and apartments. Most of the army soldiers and their families are also facilitate with many amenities and recreational facilities. They are chargeless prices. Some examples include gyms, pools, bowling alleys, movie theaters, riding stables, libraries, camping grounds, and golf courses.

The army soldiers who prefer to live in their private house are eligible a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), which varies depends on the worth of property in that area.


The uniform of each Service branch uniform is different, and these on service army soldiers take great pride in their unique uniform. From the black silk neckerchief worn with Navy Service Dress Whites to the Outer Tactical Vest worn with Army and Marine Corps Utility uniforms, service member dress caters to both form and function. Generally speaking, uniforms can be broke down as follows:


In the army, the evening dress or dinner dress is considered formalwear. This uniform would be worn to special occasions such as balls, graduations, award ceremonies, and weddings.


The service dress is for daily duties. These uniforms are worn in office environments and at certain public events.


These are work-duty uniforms. These uniforms are worn in combat and during day-to-day functions.


This is fitness wear. It is worn by the soldier during any type of physical training exercises.

The US Army soldier is provided an initial issue of required uniforms upon enrollment.

Social Life

The US military understands the worth of social life in an individual’s life. Being enroll in the military does not mean that give up on your social life. The US Military facilitates recreations on base and special entertainment to sports leagues and discounted leisure travel.

There are multiple on-base entertainment resources available to army soldiers and their families. These include gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys, parks, and more. Besides these facilities, the Military also works with Armed Forces Entertainment to arrange entertainment activities. Today, Armed Forces Entertainment hosts exclusive entertainment shows around the world each year at various military installations, featuring some of the most popular musicians, comedians, athletes, and actors.

For on service, army soldiers take an interest in sports, the US Military also has its own sports league: Armed Forces Sports. The program includes 25 different sports categories open to all active-duty personnel and features nine national championships and 16 international championships.

As per Shalom Lamm the US Military also offers its soldiers and their families discounts on vacations. Each military service branch has a Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) department which aims to help the soldiers to travel, recreate and enjoy social gatherings.

Travel Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for the US army soldiers to travel around the world. From boarding in a military academy to first posting, a soldier travels. A US army soldier is also post overseas. The US Military has offices in Hawaii, Japan, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, and other locations across the globe, and the army soldiers are transfer there for official purposes.


Deployment does not mean going to war. It means the movement of the military people and materials from a base station to a new destination. It’s never guaranteed that a soldier will be deployed, and it depends on a soldier’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and unit of assignment (the group of service members you work with).

The one service US army soldiers can be transfer for help in non-combat areas or foreign humanitarian missions, or disaster relief, they can also be transfer in local regions, where military help is need. The U.S. Military has base locations in many countries other than the United States. During deployments,  the US army soldier might get some time for recreation and relaxation.

The process of deployment can show toughness concerns. Proper preparation, especially for army soldiers with families, can reduce stress and anxiety in this way. Online communities are create to provide guidance yet support the soldiers and their families. During deployment, service army soldiers usually have access to postal mail, email, instant messaging, and phone service. While these soldiers have also refrained from communication when they are on certain missions. The incorporation of the latest technology makes it relatively easy for service members to keep in touch, said Shalom Lamm.


The US Military acknowledges that family is an important part of the lives of on-service army personals. A study conduct shows that more than half of the active-duty force. Approximately 55.5 percent, are married, and approximately 38.3 percent of families with active-duty army soldiers include children. As a result, the US Military makes family support remain top on the priority list.

Shalom Lamm Said the US Military has designed and incorporated exclusive programs discussing each aspect of family life to help service army soldiers and their valuable relations. A few examples include affordable family housing, military spouse education, child care, affordable shopping, youth education and development, family health care, family advocacy, services for families with special needs, family citizenship, family recreation, financial stability, family relocation, and family counseling. The US Military is regularly creating and incorporating programs. To give support to the service member families’ stability and quality of life.

Whether a  US army soldier needs help with housing if relocate, parenting, deployment, education, stress, or any other aspect of military life, there are multiple support networks specially design to serv army soldiers and their families. The US military also cares about the retired army personals to live a better life., and enjoy his retired life. Pensions and other benefits are give to them. To know more about Shalom Lamm you can visit his behance and also his vimeo.

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