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Siding Replacement: How to Plan and Budget for It

Wondering whether you’re ready for new home siding? Siding replacement on the exterior of your house is a big decision. It’s one of the higher priced renovations associated with home ownership. And it is largely responsible for the curb appeal of your home. Thus, it’s a decision you don’t want to take lightly.

Are you looking to:

  • increase the value of your home
  • update the exterior for your own enjoyment
  • remedy damage incurred from weather or pests

No matter the reason, a siding remodel should be carefully planned. From project preparation to budget estimation, it’s important to be ready for a construction project of this size.

Here is a short guide to help you how to plan and budget a new siding for your house:

1. Budgeting for Siding Replacement:

Size and shape of your house:

The size, shape, and current state of the house directly impact the siding project. First, your siding contractor takes precise measurements of the house. After that, they’ll be able to provide you an accurate estimate based upon the style of siding you desire.

Have an emergency fund:

It is advisable to have an emergency fund of roughly around 20-25% before starting the project. It’ll help in case if some other repairing is needed at the time of siding replacement. For instance, when siding is removed, other issues are uncovered, such as rotting of the frame or a pest infestation. As a result, having a little leeway in your budget will ensure these surprises aren’t detrimental to the completion of the project.

Budget for a trash receptacle:

Preparing for demolition means getting the right waste bin to dispose of the old siding. Unfortunately, your current household garbage can isn’t going to cut it. You need a commercial sized waste container which you can rent from a provider that leases these, such as this dumpster rental Elgin IL company. Since it’s not guaranteed that the siding company will have one, it’s best to plan for this expense just in case.

Know your home equity and credit ranking:

Another thing that will help you to finance your siding project is an important thing to know in budgeting. The former plays an influential role in increasing your borrowing capacity while the latter helps to determine how likely you can pay back a loan.

Find out if insurance will cover the renovation

If your neighborhood has been the victim of extreme weather that has caused damage to your exterior, such as storms, hail, wind or hurricane, it’s possible that the renovation is covered by your insurance. The best way to find out is to call your insurance company for coverage details and schedule an inspection with a local siding contractor to assess the damage.

2. Planning for Siding Replacement

Know your preferences and get inspired:

Which color will suit your house the most? First, consider your neighborhood and the siding material or styles that will complement the subdivision, yet reflect your personal style. Second, you should factor in the colors in your roof. If your roof has deep maroon red shingles, then cool colors will create an unbalanced contrast. Thirdly, think about the types of siding you’re attracted to. Go to inspirational home improvement blogs and Pinterest to learn about the various styles of siding and make a note of which ones you love. 

Leave it to the pros:

This is the job of the experts so you need to find an expert near your place. When hiring a siding contractor, make sure that the company is credible and has the necessary skills required for the job; along with being licensed and insured.

Follow the signs:

There are various indications which will help you to determine when you need siding replacement. An insect/pest attack, gaps and cracks, and high cost of heating and cooling of your home are the major signs that your siding is compromised. The only way to know for sure is to schedule a professional inspection.

Be patient with the weather:

Siding replacement should be done at the right time in the calendar year. Luckily, your siding company will advise you on the when they are able to safely and effectively install your new siding, so you might need to exercise a little patience on the scheduling side of things.

Get a permit:

It’s quite possible that your local municipality will require a construction permit in order for the siding company to proceed with the renovations. Support your contractor in the acquisition of this permit. 

Choosing Your Siding Style

The style and color of the siding you choose makes a massive difference in setting the tone of the design of your home. It’s visitors and potential buyers first impression and, if we’re going by square footage, it’s one of the largest materials that makes up your house.That’s why it’s critical to choose a siding style that meets these criteria:

You Love the Siding

It goes without saying that you should get excited about the siding you settle on. If you’re going to spend the time and investment to have your siding updated, it should be something you love looking at. That said, here are some popular options for 2021:

Trending 2021 Siding Colors
  • Midnight Blue: Although bold and flashy, this color is neutral enough to appeal to the masses and stay attractive even as the decades pass.
  • Charcoal Gray: The depth of this gray paired with bright wight trim, gutters, fascia and soffits creates a sophisticated look homeowners are going crazy over.
  • Oyster Shell: Not quite ivory, the tone of this off-white brings a warmth to your exterior without that dingy 1990s shade.
  • Stone Blue: A tame bluish-gray, this color gives off just enough color to bring character to your house but isn’t wild enough to date itself too quickly or turn off future buyers.
  • Willow Green: A slightly muted version of sage, this choice is loved by modern farmhouse style fans and rustic nature enthusiasts.
Trending 2021 Siding Styles
  • Hardie Board
  • Real Wood
  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Composite Siding
  • Stone Veneer

Future Buyers Will Love the Siding

Yes, if you’re already living in your forever home, your siding is really for you. However, in life we never know what unexpected circumstances will arise forcing us to relocate. Maybe it’s a job change, maybe you decide to follow your kids when they move away, maybe an unplanned baby bundle arrives and you outgrow your existing space. Whatever the reason for a relocation, you should always keep in mind that you may have to sell your home one day and so your remodeling choices should be fun enough for you to love them, but reasonable enough that most homebuyers will like them too. Otherwise, your house is going to sit on the market for a long time.

Your New Siding Complements the Neighborhood

To be clear, no one is suggesting that your siding be boring or cookie cutter with the houses surrounding yours. However, what is important is that you choose a siding that isn’t going to clash with the rest of the subdivision. Something that makes a statement and raises the value of your home but doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.


In conclusion, the first impression is the last. Siding is the first thing that people notice when driving by and up to a home. Consequently, it makes the very first impression on guests. In addition, siding keeps your neighborhood updated. And your exterior even helps you get top dollar for your home upon resale. Updated siding is a smart investment in your home. Be smart with this project and the payoff will be big.

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