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Simplest Way to Get Certified as a Scrum Master

Scrum Master acts as the key facilitator in business organizations. They are capable of leading agile projects and teams in a sophisticated manner. Plus, there is a significant advantage of getting the Scrum Master certificate, which is getting an ideal job.

The persons who get the CSM training and have its certificate are likely to perform the duties such as team leading, project handling, and maximizing productivity.

If you wish to accomplish the certificate, then here is the overview, how you can achieve the certification in simple steps.

  1. Join the CSM Training Institute

The foremost thing that you need to gain the Scrum Master certificate is training and learning the basic concept of the Scrum field—understanding the basics and core principles of the Scrum framework will likely improve the knowledge.

In addition to this, the individual needs to complete the two days training from a reputable institute. This will help to become familiar with the Scrum concepts, practices, and other beliefs. Once you get acquainted with the Scrum basics, you need to move to the second step.

  1. Attend the Course and Training of Scrum Master

Once you’ve selected the particular Scrum Master training institute, this is the time to enroll in the course. Keep in mind that every course has its value. You will learn the essential skills in the certified course.

During this two days training session, you will learn about the core concept of the Scrum Master and Agile mindset. In addition to this, you will gain exposure to the practical world to apply the skills that you gain during the training.

Once you gain the knowledge of the Scrum field and there is completion of the training period, you need to move to the next step.

  1. Be Prepared and Registered for Scrum Master Exam

After the completion of the training, the individual needs to register for the exam to achieve the certificate. Make sure to conduct the exam within 14 days after achieving the training. This is because the individual has gained knowledge recently so that they will perform better in the exam, and their winning odds will also be improved.

After registration, you need to study intensely for the Scrum exam to pass it. You can take an online mock test. Moreover, the individual needs to study the additional Scrum certified courses and take webinars to ensure that you are eligible and prepared to pass the Scrum test.

The Scrum Master exam focuses solely on the Scrum practices and principles, including Sprints, team building, project management, planning, scalability, and progress reporting. However, few Scrum Master exams also include certain questions related to the history, philosophy, and evolution of the Scrum.

  1. Attempt the Online Test

Once you have registered yourself for the exam and prepared for it, the last you need to do is attempt the test.

The test usually has multiple-choice questions, and one needs to answer 37 right questions out of 50 which means to score 85% marks to pass the exam and gain the certificate. If you have cleared the exam, then you need to login to the Scrum Alliance to receive your certificate of the Scrum Master.

  1. Receive the Certificate

Once an individual passes the exam, they need to login for the license agreement to gain the certificate. But keep in mind that the certificate is valid only for two years. So, you need to renew the certificate before the end of the validity period.


Certified Scrum Master certification is helpful these days in achieving reputable jobs. Moreover, this also shows your expertise in the field of Scrum. This is why in this post, we have explained the tips that help you to gain the certificate quickly. These are the most straightforward steps of achieving the certification.

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