Sleeping Tips for Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate Mothers

Sleeping properly is very important for a surrogate mother during pregnancy, but for various reasons, you, as a pregnant will find it difficult to have sound sleep. Nausea, heartburn, leg cramps, snoring, your bad habit of not sleeping from before, urinating and vomiting frequently during night’s sleep because of the baby’s constant growth and increasing strength in kicks, anxiety, and expectation makes it almost impossible to ensure 8+ hours of sleep each night which is the minimum requirement for surrogate mother during pregnancy. Here are some sleeping tips for surrogate mothers that will help you to overcome the sleeping problems and enjoy a night of sound sleep for a longer period of time regularly during your pregnancy:

Build Up a Habit of Going to Bed Early

Building up a habit of going to bed early is one of the best sleeping tips for a surrogate mother during pregnancy. In order to go to be bed early for a night’s sleep, make an evening routine that will include arranging everything for the early night’s sleep. For example, several hours before your bedtime, you can take a cup of warm milk with honey and whole-grain cereal. Those will give you some energy and promote your sleep. Consider taking a hot shower which gives you a refreshing feeling to sleep. Make sure the lights are off when you sleep.

Go to Bed Being Stress Free

Taking some steps to make yourself free of stress and anxiety along with that good habit will ensure you a sound sleep at night. Before you go to sleep, you also need to be free of stress and anxiety. You may be worried about your baby, labor, how mother you are going to be, or other day-to-day problems. In this situation consult with your partner, or a friend, or just write down it in a notebook or a diary. If there are such professionals near you with whom you can share your stress, take the opportunity. Or, you can do some breathing exercises combined with meditation and some simple yoga posture to heal your mind. These steps will help you a lot to cope with the stress and sleep well at night during your pregnancy.

Sleeping Posture

For a decent sleep, you need to know and maintain the correct posture of sleeping during your pregnancy. Most of the specialists suggest sleeping on your left side as this allows your body to flow enough blood to the fetus, uterus, and kidneys. But this posture is the best only after 20 weeks of pregnancy. You can shift to the right side for a small period of time if you need, but lying on the back for a long time may be risky for a surrogate mother during pregnancy. Use a comfy cushion under your knees. If you need, you can shift it under your thighs, or under your stretched forward foot. You can place another regular cushion under your belly, or you can consider investing in a long pregnancy cushion available in the market.

Avoid Drinking Water Before Bedtime

Sleeping undisturbed is a prerequisite to a night of sound sleep, but if you drink water before you go to bed, that will compel you to visit the bathroom for urinating several times that will greatly disturb your night’s sleeping. In order to avoid this problem, avoid drinking water, or any fluid at least two to three hours before you go to bed. Again, dehydration is very harmful to a surrogate mother during pregnancy. So, drink enough water, coconut water, and other healthy juice and fluids in the morning and during the daytime. Reduce drinking fluid at the start of the evening and stop 2-3 hours before bedtime. This will help you develop improved sleep. Thus surrogate mothers have to maintain a pure agreement with surrogacy agency so it would be highly restricted to have alcohol or smoking.

Final Words:

Thus, build up a habit of going to bed early, make yourself free of anxiety before you go to bed, maintain proper sleeping posture, and don’t drink fluids from two to three hours before your bedtime – these tips will help you get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis which is so vital for the surrogate mothers during their pregnancy. Other sleeping tips may include having a balanced diet, avoiding high caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, and smoking, taking regular physical exercise, and taking twenty to thirty minutes of nap several times during the day. Often for the mistakes of surrogate mothers spare the scandal of surrogacy like biotexcom opinioni. However, whenever you sign an agreement as a surrogate mother, you should ensure proper health care, especially during surrogate pregnancy periods. These guidelines about the sleeping tips for surrogate mothers are given and authorized by a medicinal and nutrition expert. However, if you still have any questions you may leave them in the comment section.

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