Slot machines of the future: What to expect in the digital age


Gaming is a space that is continuously evolving. Innovation helps to keep games fresh for players, even when some of them have been around for centuries in their classic forms.

Slot machines are no exception to this. From Crazy Pachinko to Megaways mechanics, Slots have come a long way since their creation. They’ve transformed from mechanical machines that couldn’t deliver their own payout, to entirely computerised games with a variety of extras.

This evolution is unlikely to stop here, with developers looking set to innovate further and push slot games to the next level. What new developments in the digital space are likely to feature in future Slots options?

Read on to find out.

More twists on classic gameplay

One of the first things that changed as slot machines became digital was an increased gameplay variety. Freed from physical constraints, developers could easily add fresh twists to the classic slot game experience.

This led to creations such as the Megaways formula, which utilises random number generation (RNG) to vary how many symbols will appear on each reel in a given spin. A physical slot machine would struggle to deal with variable reels like this.

So, going forward, we’re only likely to see more twists on the classic Slots gameplay emerge. Whether it’s the addition of extra reels, entirely new game mechanics or fusion with elements taken from other casino classics, developers will always find new ways to freshen up the game for players.

Virtual reality

Probably the biggest new tech in gaming, virtual reality (VR) is likely to make a splash in Slots as well. As more and more VR headsets hit the market and prices come down, the more developers are to consider making the move to VR.

Rather than just playing the game on a computer or mobile screen, players would instead interact with the game in a simulated three-dimensional environment. The VR headset allows for a greater sense of interactivity than the current digital interface.

The move to VR could also see an increased fidelity in terms of graphics and sound effects, given the higher processing power that many headsets possess.

Enhanced graphics

Of course, a VR headset isn’t the only way to experience an increased level of graphical quality. With screens continuing to develop, alongside computer hardware, we’re likely to see graphics of even higher quality coming to Slots.

Just like other forms of computer gaming, Slots are likely to benefit from improved animations and more realistic visuals than ever before. This could make the incorporation of live and video elements even smoother, providing an improved gameplay experience.

Knowing technology trends, there’s sure to be ways that gaming will change that we never even anticipate. Who knows just what slot games will look like a decade from now?

But what we do know is that there’ll continue to be plenty of options out there for players to choose from. The variety of slot games on offer only looks set to increase as time goes on, offering new and innovative experiences.

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