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Smart FUE Hair Transplant: Does It Help in Hair Regrowth?

As humans, we are really self-conscious about how we look physically. Everyone wants to look from the head to the toes. However, due to medical conditions, this may be hard to achieve. Loss of hair is a common condition that affects those who have reached the ages of 25 to 70. When your hair stops growing, it affects your physical appearance and how you feel about yourself. You feel like you are not good enough, and sometimes it leads to depression. Fortunately, hair loss is a condition that can be corrected by a minor hair surgery known as a Smart FUE hair transplant. Although many therapies are available to treat hair loss, Smart FUE is one of the latest and most effective treatments today. 

Since hair loss affects many people, it is important to discuss the Smart FUE hair transplant treatment to help those affected by hair loss get help. FUE, which stands for follicular unit excision, was implemented long ago, but the method of administering it has changed over a couple of years. The latest hair restoration technique is called Smart FUE, which utilizes the use of smart devices to harvest and restore hair. Previously many doctors used the FUT method of hair transplant to harvest and restore hair. 

FUT’s problem (follicular unit transplantation) is that it is an invasive way of transplanting hair. By the time the procedure is over and the patient has recovered, this procedure leaves a linear scar that is quite visible, especially if the patient wears a short hairstyle. Another setback that comes with using the FUE hair transplant procedure of harvesting hair is that it takes a long time to heal. 

Benefits of Using Smart FUE Hair Transplant 

Smart FUE is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that doesn’t leave linear scars. Before the doctor administers this procedure to a hair loss patient, he starts by applying anesthesia in the patient’s scalp after shaving the donor area. The donor area is the site where hair is supposed to be harvested. Hair grafts that need to be transplanted need to come from the area of the scalp that has dense and healthy hair. This area is usually found at the back of the scalp. 

After applying anesthesia, the surgeon will begin removing hair follicles using a punching tool that makes it easy to have individual hair follicles at once. Once he has gathered enough hair follicles, the doctor makes small holes in the recipient area, which is suffering from hair loss. 

Factors to Consider Before Pursuing a Smart FUE Hair Transplant Procedure 

fue hair transplant- Hair transplant procedure

As a hair loss patient, there are various factors that you need to know about hair restoration procedures before choosing. First, you need to check with your doctor to know if you are the right candidate for a Smart FUE hair transplant procedure. If you are, there are also other things you need to consider. Here are some of them: 

  • If you are about to go for a hair restoration procedure and you are using blood thinners, you should notify your doctor first. Blood thinners may affect the outcome of the treatment. 
  • Patients who use broad beta-blockers should also tell the doctor about them so that the doctor may advise them what to do before the treatment commences. 
  • If you are suffering from that medical condition besides hair loss, such as asthma, you need to bring an inhaler with you in the operating room in case an attack happens. 
  • Vitamins such as B or E need to be avoided by the patient a day before the procedure because they may cause heavy bleeding while this is going on. 


Medical advances have made it easy for many to get high-quality treatments, including hair restoration. The latest being Smart FUE hair transplant treatment. If you are suffering from hair loss, this treatment will give you the results you desperately need. 

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