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Smart Ways to Use a Personal Loan

A personal loan can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including substantial and unexpected needs. Not everyone has the cash on hand to meet the costs of an emergency or a major milestone. But this financial instrument has helped a number of people from various walks of life. 

What is a personal loan?

Personal loans are unsecured loans obtained from a bank, credit union, or online lender. These  loans are short-term loans that allow quick access to funds without the need for security, collateral, or a guarantor. They’re usually installment loans, with monthly payments and a specified repayment period. Personal loans are often unsecured. That means you won’t have to put up any valuables as collateral for the loan, such as your home or car.

Medical expenses

In the event of a medical emergency, you’ll need all of your financial resources to pay your medical expenditures. Even if you have health insurance, it may not cover all of your medical costs. Aside from that, there are other guidelines to follow when requesting compensation from your health insurer. When you acquire a personal loan for a medical emergency, however, you get an instant personal loan that you can use as you want.

Wedding expenses

You must be diligent about your money and investments for such a spectacular occasion as a wedding. However, many times, honoring a couple’s union goes over budget. Everyone wants to tie the knot in a unique way, and a lack of cash should not stop you. If you don’t have enough money to cover your wedding expenses, take up a fast personal loan for the wedding and cover the charges.

Home renovation

Everyone wishes for a home that is appealing to the eye and comfortable to live in. A personal loan for home renovation can help you financially, whether you want to stay up with the latest trends or you need to make an emergency repair. Consider applying for an online personal loan if you’ve been putting off house improvements owing to a lack of finances. You can apply the funds from your personal loan to whatever home improvement project you have in mind. 

Higher education

Many of them are unable to enroll in their preferred course due to hefty academic prices and other expenses. Higher education is critical for an individual’s growth and progress, and you cannot let a lack of financial resources keep you from getting the education you deserve. Apply for a personal education loan to pay all of your educational expenses, including entrance, travel, accommodation, study materials, equipment, and more.

Debt consolidation

Debt can build up over time, trapping you in a debt cycle. You take out one loan to cover an expense, then another to pay off the previous loan, and so on. Managing multiple loans at once is a burden for most people, and the interest costs you pay on each one separately add up to a significant loss. This is where a debt consolidation personal loan can help. You can consolidate your debts by taking out a personal loan and using it to pay off all of your debts. After that, you’ll only have one personal loan to manage.

A personal loan is a quick and simple way to get money. However, keep in mind the interest rate and repayment period, as interest accumulates the longer you wait to repay. Many people take out loans despite their low income, putting them in a difficult predicament when it comes to repaying what they have borrowed. Here are a few pointers to assist you avoid a situation like this.

How to manage?

Increase your EMI with your salary hike

Increasing your EMIs every time your income grows is one of the simplest strategies to handle loans. You can save months or even years on your loan repayment by increasing your EMIs every time you get a rise. 

Create a budget

Regardless of your income or debt, creating a budget is one of the most effective ways to improve your financial status. Trying to handle your personal loan without a budget puts you in a vulnerable and perplexing position because you don’t always know where your money goes or how much of it goes there. If you’re hesitant to check your bank account, have less money than you think you should, or aren’t sure where you’re overpaying, a budget may be the solution.

Use windfall gains to repay debts

It may be tempting to spend an unexpected bonus or investment return on a lifestyle purchase if you receive one. Resist the impulse to spend money and instead use the profits, or at least a portion of the profits, to repay your loan. Many lenders may let you pay off your loan early without incurring any penalties.

Consolidate multiple loans

One of the most common methods for reducing debt is debt consolidation. To pay off your existing high-interest multiple debts, consider getting a personal loan or debt consolidation loan. Debt consolidation not only eliminates the burden of several payments, but it also lowers your interest outlay, allowing you to pay off your debt sooner.

Convert your credit card dues to EMI

Many credit card issuers allow customers to convert credit card debt into manageable EMIs. Splitting your payment into EMIs allows you to acquire some much-needed breathing room by spreading out your payments over a longer period of time. In addition, when you convert your credit card debt into EMIs, the interest rate charged is lower than the interest imposed on late payments and the interest calculated on the monthly lowering balance.

Make payments on time

It’s bad enough that you’re paying numerous EMIs to service various loans. And if you don’t pay your bills on time, things will get worse. Making payments on time will not only help in debt payable but also helps in interest payable, late payment penalties, etc. Always make sure that you pay the full EMI amount or total outstanding amount on your monthly credit card bill. Make it a point to pay your bills on schedule every month. Set up automatic payments from your bank account or set up reminders.

Factors that affect personal loan eligibility

Every lender has a set of personal loan eligibility requirements that applicants must follow, and your application is evaluated based on a number of variables. Here’s a breakdown of these elements to show how important they are during the loan application process.


The number of working years ahead of them determines the applicants’ ability to repay the loan and manage their debt satisfactorily. If the applicant is under the required age, they may not have sufficient loan experience or sufficient money to cover EMIs. Similarly, if the applicant is beyond the age restriction, they may be approaching retirement and may not have enough working years remaining to pay the EMIs.

Work experience

Lenders look at an applicant’s work history to see if they have a stable job and income. Applicants who are new to their position or have recently shifted to a new firm may not have the same level of stability. More experienced applicants are favored because they have maintained employment. They may be expected to do so in the near future.

Credit score and history

Lenders look at your credit history while making unsecured loans. It assists them in determining your creditworthiness based on previous transactions. Typically, a CIBIL score of 750 is necessary for loan approval. However some lenders may consider applications with a score of 650 or higher. This is because your CIBIL score is based on your credit history, and if you’ve defaulted or mismanaged credit in the past, you won’t be able to keep a decent or great CIBIL score.


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