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Social Media Marketing Remains Relevant

Kiev, Ukraine - January 11, 2016: Background of famous social media icons such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Linkedin, Tumblr, Myspace and others, printed on paper.

There are a lot of businesses around today that have been around for a lot of years. Their success is because of successful marketing and using a good marketing company in Brick or where they are. But the time where just billboards and TV ads are going to see you achieve optimal success is gone. Today along with traditional forms of marketing you need to look at digital and online marketing too. A large part of that is a presence on social media platforms where your targeted audience spends a lot of their time. People are not buying papers anymore. They are getting their news online. When they want to know what the latest restaurant opening is, or the movie times or the latest product their favorite brand is selling, they look online. Instead of writing letters, people send emails and text messages. More and more things are moving online.

Social media platforms continue to grow in popularity

Just when you think social media platforms could not get any more popular, they do! Adults aged 20 to 29 use them the most with nearly half of them spending more than eleven hours a week on them. Then those aged 30 to 39 are next with over a third spending more than eleven hours a week. But what are they doing when there? Well, the younger group is more interested in status updates but the older group is more focused on advertisements and marketing efforts.

Social media marketing in Brick does not mean just having a Facebook page. While that is the largest social networking site right now with over 500 million users, there are other channels so think about where your targeted audience is most likely to be.

Not targeting social media marketing puts you at a disadvantage

With this kind of audience, where a third of the US internet users use Facebook, this is a great marketing tool you can take advantage of. You can be sure that most of not all of your competition is finding a place and adopting a social media marketing strategy. If you are still holding back you need to stop and accept that modern marketing needs to include campaigns online.

Benefits of having a presence online

A marketing company in Brick with a good social media marketing strategy can see you achieve more exposure, better lead generation, earn new partnerships, have an increase in traffic come to your site, and see marketing costs go down and economic growth go up.


The internet is opening up the world and making more opportunities and more developments than businesses could have once only dreamed of. Social media marketing in Brick or anywhere can really update your marketing efforts and bring you huge success but it has to be done properly. There is the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people, even millions. For a marketing tool that requires very little monetary investment. Investing in a social media company that knows what they are doing could be the best business decision you make.

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