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Some Important Dos And Don’ts Of Parking Lot Repair

Asphalt and concrete, the most popular materials to build a parking space, are hardy materials that can last for a few decades if properly maintained. But wear and tear from the vehicle, rain, water leakage, etc. damage the material sooner than that. You need asphalt or concrete repairs in Denver at some point of time or the other.

Good maintenance goes a long way to prolong a parking area’s life. But many people make mistakes during and after the repairs that can add to the cost. Here are some dos and don’ts you should keep in mind to keep your parking area in top shape.

Dos Of Parking Lot Repair

– Specify Scope Of Work When Calling For Bids

Companies need to know what you expect from them before they can give you bids. You should specify whether you just want to reseal the surface or replace asphalt with concrete before sending bids. This will help avoid confusion about prices after you hire a company for concrete repairs in Denver.

Inspect your parking area for the extent of damage before specifying what the companies need to bid for.

– Sealcoat The Surface Ever 3 To 5 Years

A sealcoat acts as a barrier that protects your parking lot surface from oxidation and water damage. But it wears away after a few years. A Denver parking lot repair service needs to reapply it every three to five years to protect the surface. Choose a high-quality sealcoat that lasts for long and protects from different types of damages from UV rays, oil or water.

– Fix Cracks And Potholes ASAP

Potholes and cracks make the surface vulnerable to more damage. The longer you wait the more water will seep into the base layer underneath and cause more damage. You should patch them as soon as you notice them instead of waiting for the damage to grow.

– Clean Asphalt Yearly

Sweeping the asphalt removes loose gravel from the surface and improves its appearance. This allows you to inspect the lot for signs of damage and request bids for concrete repairs in Denver accordingly.

– Clean Oil Spills ASAP

Oil and fuel spilling from vehicles is unavoidable. But you can prevent stains and damage caused by liquid spilling over them with proper maintenance. If you aren’t careful, liquids from vehicles can break down the agent binding asphalt and compromise its structural integrity.

Don’ts Of Parking Lot Repair

– Picking The Cheapest Bid

Many people pick companies purely based on the bid. While choosing the lowest bid might save you money, you may get poor quality materials and service for the price. When picking a Denver parking lot repair firm based on bids, you should see what they offer for the bids.

– Letting Plants And Weeds Creep Up

If the lot is close to the landscaping, you should ensure that no roots creep into the lot. Roots growing under the lot can cause bumps and cracks to form on the surface, which grow over time. You should pull up existing weeds by the root and apply weedicides as recommended.

– Driving On Asphalt Before 24 Hours After Laying

The asphalt lot is still soft for the first 24 hours after it is laid. Driving on it during this time will cause ruts and dips to form, which will collect water. You might need to call a professional for asphalt/concrete repairs in Denver to fix this.

So wait for at least 24 hours before allowing people to walk or drive on it. Some experts recommend waiting 48 hours or 72 hours during warmer months to be on the safe side.

– Allowing Sprinklers To Water On It

You need to ensure that the sprinklers in the landscape nearby don’t sprinkle water over the lot. Water could seep into the layers and damage it. It can also wear away the striping on the lot. Point them away to protect the lot.

These are just some dos and don’ts of keeping your parking space in top shape. Consult a Denver parking lot repair agency for the best options.

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