Some yoga asanas and the methods to perform them

yoga asanas

If you want to know what is Yoga, what is the meaning and definition of Yoga, what are the types of Yoga and what are the various yoga asanas then you have come to the right place because today in this article we will give you the meaning of Yoga Definition of Yoga, Types of Yoga I will tell about yogas and the benefits of those yoga asanas and how to do yoga asanas. Friends Yoga is the most beneficial exercise for our body, which helps us to be physically and mentally healthy. You can get a healthy body both from inside and outside by practising yoga regularly. 

In Hindi, the word yoga means to add or to tie up. Yoga is an Indian way of life and has been practised since ancient times which works on bringing the body, mind and soul together. Through yoga, body, mind and brain can be kept completely healthy.

Yoga practice should always be started with some easy Yoga Poses. Because when you start yoga, there may be some problems in the beginning, but when you start doing yoga regularly, you will find that you will get many health benefits from it, which you will also be able to feel.

Today we will tell you some useful yoga postures which you will be able to do easily and you will also benefit from these yoga sessions. A 500 hour yoga teacher training course in India can also help you learn about all the benefits that yoga has to offer.

Adho Mukha Savasana

To do Adhomukhvashanasana Yoga, first of all, stand upright and keep some distance between your two legs. After this, bend forward to make a V shape. Now, with the help of your toes, breathe in while pulling your waist backwards, take care here that do not let your legs and hands turn. This asana will stretch the back of your body, hands and feet and you will feel it, take a long breath and hold this position for about a minute.

Doing this helps in strengthening the muscles due to scratching in the body as well as improving blood circulation and also relieves sinus problems.


In order to perform this asana stand up straight and keep your both feet about 1 foot apart from each other. After this, taking a long breath, with the help of fingers of your feet, raise the body and both hands slowly upwards. After this, join both your hands together. Stay in this position for 30-40 seconds and pull your body upwards. After this slowly bring your hands in the normal position. By doing this asana, the height of the body is increased and at the same time, it gives relief in the problem of the spine.


In Sukhasana, bend both legs and sit. Keep your spine straight. Keep the palms of both hands as a pose of wisdom. After this, take a long breath easily and exhale comfortably.

Since this posture is seated upright posture, due to this it helps to stretch the spine and lengthening the spine, it also helps with widening the chest and the mind gets peace. It also provides relief from stress and mental fatigue.


Shavasana is one of the easiest poses to perform in yoga and good thing is that it provides a lot of benefits too. First of all, lie flat on a flat place. Keep your hands apart from each other. After this, inhale and exhale slowly for a few minutes. Doing this asana helps in increasing your concentration power and the body also gets a good rest.


To perform Veerabhadrasana posture, first of all, stand with both legs straight (2-3 feet). Raise both arms parallel to the ground and turn your head to the right as you inhale slowly. After this, while exhaling, bend your right leg in 90 degrees and turn slightly to the right. After this stop sometime in this posture and then come to the normal standing position. This asana should be done 5-6 times. This posture provides strength to the legs and arms and keeps the lower part of the body healthy.


To perform this pose stand up straight and keep your feet a bit apart from each other and bend your right leg at 90 degrees. Keeping your left hand upright, sightly bend your body to the right and touch the toes of your right leg with your right hand and hold the position for around 60 to 120 seconds.

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