Stain Concrete Flooring For Your Commercial Space

Stain concrete flooring

There are four main types of industrial flooring material. epoxy floor, urethane, polished concrete, and vinyl plank flooring. Urethane flooring is among the most popular types of industrial floor material. It can either be used to completely cover the floor with vinyl or fibreglass. It is also popular in garages, workshops, and storage rooms.

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Epoxy commercial flooring made from synthetic epoxy resin materials. The resin mixed with binders and stabilisers. Epoxy is considered to be a very safe floor coating for indoor use. Because it is water and heat resistant but does not stand up well to acids, alkalis, and most chemicals.

Stain concrete flooring

Urethane commercial flooring, made from synthetic urethane resins. This type of material we known for its excellent hardness, durability, and low maintenance. But, it also contains hydrocarbons. Most urethanes sold today are formulated with inhibitors. That prevents growth and increases the stability of growth. These inhibitors are usually oil-based and prevent the growth of mold, algae, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts would tell their industrial clients to use this kind of concrete floors. For floors that can withstand oil, grease, and other contaminants.

Polished concrete is a newer form of industrial flooring than flooring systems made of urethane cement. The floorboards made of polished concrete have a glossy, mirror-like luster. Polish concrete floors have more resilience to scratches and spills than their cement flooring counterparts. But, they do not stand up well to heat, acids, alkalis, and many common chemicals. Some property owners prefer polished floors because they do not require too much maintenance and last longer. In addition, they are available in different designs and colors to match different commercial styles.

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Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse floors also need protection against the elements. Concrete warehouse floors are perfect for this purpose. As the name suggests. Concrete warehouse floors are build of concrete and are finished with an enamel coating. To protect it from moisture, wear and tear, and chemicals. The coating makes it possible for water to bead up on the surface, leaving it smooth and dry. Because this kind of warehouse floor is usually sealed, it can also resist stains more effectively than many other kinds of floors.

There are also different colored stains for concrete floors. Black stains, as one might suspect, are popular among industrial clients, since they stand out from the rest. But, other colors like red, brown, blue, or green can also be purchased if you want to add some variety to your room’s design. Polished concrete floors look great in almost any room. While stained concrete floors will bring character to your commercial space.

Warehouse floors are the most difficult to install, due to the fact that they have to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Epoxy floor stains work well in this type of environment. Because they are stronger than many of the other types of floor coatings that are available on the market today.  Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts can even apply a layer of urethane between the epoxy and the concrete floor. To prevent moisture from penetrating the floor. You will have to make sure that the floor is completely level and free of imperfections before you lay down your new floor. However, once you have laid it down, you will never have to worry about the floor again.

Garage Flooring

If you are considering a new garage floor. Then you should know that stained concrete floors are harder to install than polished concrete floors. This is due to the fact that it must have a seal so that the floor will not get damaged by acids or heat. To install the floor correctly, you will need the assistance of experienced sealwell industrial floor experts. Although these experts do not come cheap, it is definitely worth the price. This is because a proper seal allows your concrete floor to maintain its original color and structure.

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