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Stamped Concrete vs. Flat Concrete

Ready to install a new patio, driveway or sidewalk on your home property but aren’t quite sure whether flat concrete or decorative concrete is best for your project? The stamped concrete vs. flat concrete debate has been going on for years, and each type of surface is best for different situations. But one thing is for sure: stamped concrete offers many benefits that flat concrete does not. We will go over the main differences between stamped and flat concrete so you can decide which option might be best for your project needs.

What is Stamped Concrete?

A stamped concrete patio is a surface patterned with textures or colors, usually in the form of natural stone designs, which might be the style you have always wanted for your property but never thought was possible for a reasonable budget. Companies create patterns using machines that press molds into wet concrete mix to create various effects. Stamped surfaces can provide an excellent solution for patios and other outdoor living areas. With today’s stamped concrete technology, it doesn’t

Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns

A variety of patterns are available including designs modeled after traditional paving stones, bricks or cobblestones. Customize patterns and colors to create a stylish, personalized outdoor living space.

  • Flagstone
  • Brick paver
  • Wood plank
  • Slate
  • Ashlar
  • Cobblestone
  • Bluestone

Stamped Concrete Benefits

Stamped surfaces provide high slip resistance on wet surfaces while still being relatively easy to clean off when they get dirty. The color is also resistant against fading from UV exposure and is suitable for use under any climate conditions. When compared to flat slab patio options, stamped slabs offer more texture which translates into a warmer feel as well as greater stability because the surface will not

How Is Stamped Concrete Made?

Contractors make stamped concrete by mixing a small amount of stamped concrete mix with water and then pouring it into the area you want stamped. A vibrating machine will make imprints in the surface to look like pavers, bricks, or blocks depending on what design you are trying to create. Allow time for everything to dry completely (usually 24 hours), then the final finishing touches can be applied, such as coloring and sealing can be applied if desired.

What is Flat Slab Concrete?

Flat slab concrete is when a mixture of cement, sand and gravel are poured directly onto the ground without any decorative finishes or colors. This gives the surface a flat appearance, much like you’d see in standard sidewalks.

Flat Concrete Finishes

Standard, poured concrete typically doesn’t have any finish. However, you can request that your concrete patio receive a special effect onto the surface, such as a broom sweep or swirl. This gives it a little extra decoration for a more attractive result.

Flat Concrete Benefits

Utilize poured concrete to create patios, driveways, sidewalks, porches and steps relatively inexpensively. Because it doesn’t require any additional patterns or colors, the work can be finished more quickly by your concrete contractor. What’s more, due to needing less labor, flat poured concrete is the more economical option between stamped and flat.

Flat concrete is quicker and cheaper. It is a great economical option for sidewalks, steps and even porches when adjacent landscaping can make up for its simplicity.

What is the Difference Between Stamped Concrete and Flat Concrete

Stamped concrete offers a more decorative, textured look than flat concrete. Stamped concrete mimics the look of natural stone or brick, while flat concrete is just a simple smooth surface. Yet, both options utilize a poured cement and aggregate mixture as the base. The real difference is in how they are finished with patterns and colors.

The color options available for stamped concrete are usually much greater than what you will find in flat materials too. Moreover, the decorative appearance of stamped concrete will add more home resale value.

Additionally, stamped concrete can give you better traction for those with wheelchairs along with a warmer feel when walking barefoot on the surface.

What is the Cost Comparison of Stamped vs. Flat Concrete

Stamped concrete is more expensive to install than flat poured concrete. In other words, stamped concrete is more expensive than flat because it requires labor costs and machinery. It may also take up to three times as long to complete one project depending on how complicated your patterns are.

In addition, the stamped mixture includes crushed stone or sand as part of the base, which makes it thicker and heavier than normal wet cement. Stamped concrete uses less aggregate, but still achieves the same strength as its flat counterpart because stamped concrete has a stronger foundation. This means stamped will cost about $8-$20 per square foot while flat laid costs between $5-$7 per square foot.

In the end, flat concrete provides the most cost savings for installing a new patio or driveway. However, stamped concrete is an excellent value for getting the look of natural stone without the high investment of the real thing.

The Verdict: Stamped or Flat?

The truth is, the choice between flat concrete versus stamped concrete comes down to what your goals and situation are. There is an ideal solution for every circumstance.

For Tight Budgets

When the home improvement budget is small, flat concrete is the best choice. Due to the lower labor and material costs involved, it will require a far lesser investment to build a patio or driveway with flat poured concrete than using decorative options.

For Home Resale Value

For maximizing home resale value and overall marketability, stamped concrete is the way to go. Use decorative concrete to get the attention of potential buyers. Give buyers the ultimate first impression with a polished and beautiful outdoor space, thanks to decorative concrete. They’ll also appreciate that this is one major home upgrade they’ll save the expense on, because it’s already done.

For Luscious Landscaping

Is the landscaping around your yard simply stunning? Do you have gorgeous flower gardens and a well manicured exterior using beautiful bushes, trees and flowers? Then you can probably get away with spending less on your concrete surfaces. When you want the landscaping surrounding a given surface to steal the show, choose the more modest flat concrete. If you want your flat concrete to look a bit more fancy, request a brush sweep or swirl finish.

For Luxurious Curb Appeal

If you care about your home’s curb appeal, then there is no question that decorative concrete is the way to go. You can choose a color palette that works best with the tone of your home; yellow, red or brown for warm tones and gray or green for cool tones. With numerous natural stone patterns to select, you can make a powerful statement your exterior hardscaping.

For Obscured Surfaces

If you have walking paths, steps or other concrete surfaces that don’t receive much visibility or foot traffic, then keeping them simple with a flat poured concrete is a smart way to save. There isn’t much sense in splurging on design if few people will enjoy it.

For Outdoor Living

If you’re an outdoorsy family that enjoys the backyard, then stamped concrete may give you a bit more pleasure. It’s much more pleasing to look at and feels inviting. It definitely has a way of calling you outside to enjoy nature. Whether for your pool deck, patio, or front porch, stamped concrete’s beauty is undeniable.

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