Steps to Follow for Changing Yahoo Password

Steps to Follow for Changing Yahoo Password

When you are using one of the most email popular services of the world, there is a high risk of hackers hacking your Yahoo email account. It is advisable to change Yahoo password at regular intervals. Regularly changing your Yahoo email password will make it difficult for the hackers to hack into your account.

Changing Yahoo Password:

  1. Access Yahoo Account Settings from the gear icon located at the top-right of your Yahoo Account screen.
  2. Visit your Account Info section.
  3. On the Yahoo Account Security Page, enter your current password.
  4. Tap on the option of “Select Password.”
  5. Create a new password of your choice.
  6. Re-enter the new password and click on the “Continue” option.

Changing Yahoo password on mobile phone

  1. Click on the Menu icon.
  2. On the Yahoo email app, go to the Manage Accounts section.
  3. Click on the Account Info section.
  4. Select security settings.
  5. The account will prompt you to enter the security code.
  6. Tap on the option of “Select Password.”
  7. Click on the option “I would rather change my password.”
  8. Create a new password of your choice.
  9. Re-enter the new password and continue.

Your new password will be reset. Log in again to your Yahoo account with the new password.

Yahoo mail not receiving emails is also one of the persistent issues faced by the Yahoo email users. It is a common issue and is caused due to the reasons listed below:

  1. Reply-to address is not blank.

If the reply-to address is not blank, then the Yahoo email will cause trouble in receiving emails.

  1. The sender’s address is blocked.

By mistake, if the sender’s address is blocked, the email sent will not reflect in Yahoo’s email Inbox.

  1. Email marked as Junk.

If your email is incorrectly marked as Spam, it will directly move to the Spam folder and will not reflect in the email’s Inbox.

  1. Email filters are enabled.

Enabling email filters will restrict the receiving of Yahoo emails into the Inbox.

You can fix these issues with some quick hacks-

  • If anything is written in the reply-to section, delete it and leave it as blank.
  • Check if the sender you are trying to send the email is blocked or not. Unblock the sender from your Yahoo email. You will start receiving the emails once unblocking is done.
  • Go to the Spam folder section of your Yahoo email account. It may be possible that a particular email may have been marked Spam. Mark it as Not Spam to receive the email in your Inbox.
  • Check which of the enabled filters is obstructing the receiving of emails in the Yahoo account. Disable those filters and start receiving the emails.

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