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Streamline Your Business Processes with Dynamics 365 Business Central

As a business owner, you always need to be prepared for what’s coming ahead. The spontaneity and readiness to shine in adverse situations is what will take you towards success in any business.

In order to be assured, you need to be equipped with proper resources in the form of tools or experts that you deploy in your business. 

When it comes to bringing all the operations and functions of your business processes on a single platform and making them work cohesively, the most regarded solution is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation, you can be always prepared for future possibilities. This is a modern ERP solution that lets you connect with all Microsoft apps in one place.

The extraordinary features of Dynamics 365 Business Central help companies to maximize their organizational efficiency, enhance user experiences, and boost productivity.

You can take control of business processes at a centralized location and optimize them to maximize productivity and business growth.

Let’s optimize your basic accounting processes, implement Dynamics 365 Business Central today! Connect your business processes and make smarter decisions. 

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Streamlines Business Processes?

Business Central is an all-in-one ERP business management solution that allows companies to integrate their finance, sales, customer services, and all other operations. This makes it like a power-tool. A single point of contact for managing varied departments that are interlinked in some way or the other. Consequently, It helps to improve customer interactions and decision-making for the company’s growth. 

1. Efficient Management of Financials

  •         Grow your financial accuracy while meeting with regular standards and compliance.
  •         Make smarter and more efficient business decisions.
  •         Get an end-to-end view of your company’s data across accounting, sales, inventory, customer service, and various departments.
  •         Stay updated with financial performance in real-time with built-in AI analytics.
  •         Create effective financial reports through Power BI Dashboards.
  •         Accelerate financial close and reporting through streamlined payables and accounts receivable.
  •         Automate the accounts reconciliation to speed up financial reporting while maintaining accuracy and compliance.
  •         Enhance forecasting accuracy by modeling and analyzing data across multiple departments.
  •         Ensure seamless integration with Microsoft Excel to customize reports. 

2. Automate the Supply Chain

  •         Get complete visibility across your supply chain processes to gain full control over your customers’ purchase records.
  •         Optimize inventory levels using built-in intelligence for smarter forecasting.
  •         Leverage the power of dynamically updated inventory level to pay for only what you need.
  •         Reduce the losses of sales records by ensuring efficient maintenance of the inventory.
  •         Get smarter product recommendations when requested items are out of stock from the inventory.
  •         Stay updated on when to use vendor discounts or avoid overdue penalties.
  •         Prevent fraudulent purchases through instant workflow approval. 

3. Enhance Your Customer Services

  •         Maximize revenue opportunities and polish your customer services with built-in product recommendations.
  •         Prioritize your nurtured leads to boost sales productivity and grow revenue potential.
  •         Ensure continuous monitoring of all your customer interactions and get valued suggestions on upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout the sales funnel.
  •         Speed up your leads to the sales process. Perform quick actions on received leads, sales inquiries, or customer services requests.
  •         From workloads to customers’ sales status, service tasks, employees’ skills, gain a comprehensive view of everything in a centralized location. 

4. Meet Projects’ Budget and Time Limits

  •         Finish your work within the budget limit with real-time data and resource visibility.
  •         Create, manage, and track each customer project through advanced job costing and reporting capabilities.
  •         Design, enhance, and optimize the budgets to maximize the projects’ profitability.
  •         Analyze project performance through smarter management of resource levels and sales processes.
  •         Track customer invoicing and optimize your processes to meet the planned costing limits.
  •         Get real-time insights on project status and resource-usage metrics. 

5. Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations

  •         Smoothen your manufacturing and warehousing operations to ensure timely delivery of products while meeting the budget requirements.
  •         Use sales forecasting to prevent stock-outs.
  •         Create strategized production plans for the automated creation of purchase orders invoicing.
  •         Get a holistic view of inventory to ensure speedy fulfillment of inventory orders.
  •         Reach optimal output levels by evaluating and optimizing the manufacturing capacity that helps to improve the production schedules and meet customers’ demands. 

6. Strength Data Security

  •         Ensure your customers’ privacy through built-in privacy to stay compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  •         Prevent unauthorized access to personal data on multiple levels.
  •         Enable automation in audit trails to strengthen your company’s data security and accountability.
  •         Manage, store, and transmit data securely within exceptional cloud capabilities.
  •         Move and store personal data across your systems while safeguarding it from third-party access. 

7. Access Business Anywhere on Any Device

  •         Run your platform on the cloud, on-premise, or both.
  •         Access the required data anytime, anywhere, using any device.
  •         The mobile version of Business Central supports access across Windows, Android, or IOS devices. 

Do you want to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you to grow and sustain? Contact our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central consultants at Narola Solutions to schedule a meeting today itself.

We do not offer templated services. Each business is different and thereby it necessitated different services. We believe in customizing the solutions that fit your requirements like a glove. Only a great tool is not good enough, you need the right workmen to use it effectively. 

So, while Business Central brings to you a platter full of opportunities for progress in your business, Narola Solutions strives to make them a reality.

So, Get in touch today!

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