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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) which was originally scheduled in the month of May was postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation in India. And now NEET 2020 will be conducted on 26 July 2020. This means that aspirants are only two months left for the preparation.

Aspirants must be a little bit worried now, but the best thing is that students still left with enough time to prepare themselves for the exam. But you will have to ensure to make the best use of every minute they left with.

If your vision is to clear this exam this year then you need to hard work. This article will guide you for better preparation for the exam.

Work on your weakest area

Many students left topics unprepared which they don’t like or in which they are weak. If this is the case with you then there is a need to change this approach. Aspirants must start to examine their weak points.

For success surety, one must examine their deneme bonusu weak point and work hard to overcome it. Start practicing mock test and figure out the mistakes made carefully, this would help to rectify to topics need to prepare well.

Ensure to read every question carefully

Your success in any exam not only depends on how you do preparation before the exam but also what strategies you apply and how you handle exam stress in real-time. Most of the students rush out for completing the paper in time and thus never read the question carefully and miss the important details resulting in writing out of context answers.

To avoid this, it is necessary to read each question carefully before answering. Try to add keynote for the difficult questions and try to connect it later. Review answers after completion to check for any mistakes.

Enhance organizational skills

The expertise of organizational works like managing rough sheets, writing formulae, or key points adds values to succeed in the exam. Don’t forget to highlight if you are including any important quote inside the answer. This will help to understand the checker that you are well prepared.


Revise your learned topics on a regular basis, this will help you remember things easily and improve the answer writing speed. Attempt as many as mock tests to get familiar with the exam pattern. Try to attempt all the mock as you are sitting in the real exam hall with timer. Make a habit of attempting a particular question in a specific time, a regular practice of this will enhance your question-solving speed.

Note that most of the students know the solution of the questions but the one who succeeds is one who is having command over effectiveness, precision, and ability to avoid mistakes. Hence the one who is getting to be master in these areas will have advances over others.

Systematically plan your exam Strategy

Allocate adequate time for different sections of the paper and don’t waste time and leave the portion for the end which you are finding tough to solve. In addition, keep track of the time so that you can manage to solve the whole paper in time. Avoid sticking into a single question. Sort questions according to difficulty level and solve an easier one first.

Be cool!

It is a bit obvious to feel nervous before the exam, but motivate yourself and keep your esteem high while attempting the paper. Maintain calmness give the right time to your body to relax.

All the preparation will be of no use if you failed to maintain your body healthy and mind fresh. So be relax and believe in yourself.

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