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Street Style Aloo Matar Chaat Recipe….


We all love food. Food which gives our taste buds a satisfactory feel. Most of us like street food. So today I am going to present this yummy street snack Aloo Matar Chaat.

First we will note the ingredients..

1- Boiled Potato

2- Boiled dry peas


4- Green Coriander

5- Green Chilli

6-Chopped onion

7-Dry coriander (roasted)

8-Cumin Seed (roasted)

9-Chilli Flakes

10- Tamarind and jaggery’s Sauce (khatti Mithi Chutney)

11- Mint coriander Sauce (Pudina Dhaniya ki hari chutney)

12- Paneer (Cheese Cubes)

13-Kishmish (Raisin)

14- Chaat Masala

15- Black and white salt

16- Corn Flour


First Make Paneer Masala. For that take paneer in a small bowl add some kishmish, chaat masala and black salt in it. Mix and make a nice mixture.Keep this mixture side.

Now take a bowl add boiled potato in bowl, sprinkle red chilli flakes, salt and mix it very well. Now make ball size piece and add Paneer Masala properly into the ball. Cover it fully and give this a tikki look. Make all aloo tikki like this and now coat them with corn flour. Corn flour will give these aloo tikki that crispness.

Now take a pan pour 4-5 tbsp of oil and let it heat nicely. Now put your aloo tikki in the pan and cook them on low to medium flame. Give a flip to tikkis after every 2 minutes so that they cook very well with a nice dark golden color. When tikkis are done take then out on a plate.

Now we will assemble all things on a plate to give this Street Style Aloo Tikki look. Take 2 tikki on a plate pour boiled dry peas on it after it pour curd, green chutney, tamarind chutney, roasted dry coriander and cumin powder, Salt,Chilli Flakes, chopped onion, green chilli and final touch with green coriander. Our aloo matar chaat is ready.

Hope you will try this snack recipe. If you like it please share your comment or experience with me. For more recipe you can visit my You Tube channel also.…nel/UCPfizzUBr3dEFYa3B9CBlJA

Thank You

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