Study the complete success story of Zerodha

Today, I will share the success story of Zerodha and how did Zerodha actually get popular in India, where people were dependent on brokers for buying and selling of shares and mutual funds. And the founder comes up with an idea of self-trading where the user can analyze a stock on his own and buy without paying any brokerage.

This is a complete life journey starting from the origin until the present of this successful business model. The idea of this online trading was initiated by Nithin Kamath and I will be sharing a complete glimpse of his journey to success. Nitin Kamath was a trader throughout his life and started trading during his college time. His friends introduced him to trading for a lure of quick money. So, he started making some profits out of it, and to getting money for investment in shares, he worked in a call center in India.

So, he had a good two three year run of trading in the markets and he met a person who saw his performance as a trader and was amazed. He said can you do this for me as well and so he quit his job and started doing this full-time. That person was his first client. And after building more experience as a portfolio manager Nithin started getting more clients. He was doing more portfolio management and end up getting a franchised broker of Reliance in the year 2006. Then, he ended up making some good money, and then he wanted to take a break from trading because this active day trading is quite stressful.

After a short break, he thought to launch a brokerage firm that people didn’t have as traders. He was extremely lucky in terms of timing as had a platform which is coming free of cost and then started as a four member team. When he started off and with no technology background and hire a software expert. He thought of a platform where the cost of trading could be extremely low and a decent trading platform that an investor can operate oneself.

Zerodha was a white label trading platform that charges zero brokerage for selling or buying shares. Just charge some amount for the transaction and maintenance of the account annually. So, earlier in India you know brokers will always been charging percentage fees. Example- You buy hundred shares and you have to pay for suppose hundred and ten shares which is quite expensive.

So, this business model of Zerodha success story worked well and get valuable support from the Indian audience as the business focus on charging low costs and targeting more fresh traders who were ealier hesitating to buy stock because of high brokerage charges. Apart, from shares Zerodha is competent with some other features like mutual funds and learning stock market. This aplication based platform got great achievement as it is quite asscessable and can be operated very easily without any hustle.

Now, many related companies build up with the similar business plan and trying to manage a valuable position in India.



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