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Summer Fashion Pieces That Every Woman Should Have

The image source is Pexels.

Every summer, there seem to be new trends that are released and that become popular for every woman to wear, no matter who they are. With summer just around the corner, you can expect more of these trends to show up soon so that you can buy some new pieces. Thankfully, however, one thing remains the same in the fashion world most summers, and those are the essentials that every woman has to have for this time of the year. You will find five of those summer fashion essentials in the list that is below to ensure that you are fashionable this summer.

1. Sheer Layered Tops

If you are looking for a piece that makes it a bit further than the typical t-shirt or tank top, consider a sheer layer. Technically these are long-sleeved, but since they are sheer, they are sexy and breezy for any summer appearance you want to give off. YOu can find them in a variety of prints ranging from tie-dye to even those with bright colors and bold designs on them. They are perfect even to wear a tank top over if you really want to go for that retro, punk-girl style that was popular in the 90s.

2. Bathing Suits

You obviously need a fashionable bathing suit in your closet this summer if you are ever planning to get in the water or go tanning. Look at the Maxine of Hollywood swimsuits, for instance, to see some of the latest styles in one-pieces and two-pieces alike. Some of the prints that are the most popular this year include those from the Y2K era, so do not be afraid to have fun. The more color and prints, the better when it comes to this year’s fashion, and these will last you a long time.

3. Open-Toed Sandals

Naturally, you need a high-quality pair of sandals for the summer so that you can let your feet breathe. Yes, you probably still need the pair of crisscross leather sandals such as Birkenstocks that you enjoy wearing for the sake of comfort. For a more fashionable look, however, in the past, you may have considered a gladiator sandal or even a sandal that looked chunky. Now, however, are the open-toed mules that are popular that are very similar in style to the mule flats that are worn in the spring or the fall.

4. Oversized Button-Downs

This summer, you will more than likely at some point be going swimming whether on a beach or at the pool. Instead of wearing a traditional cover-up, try the new trend of wearing an oversized button-up shirt over your swimwear for a trendy look. You can even wear this shirt as a crop top on its own by tying the bottom of it and buttoning a few buttons above it. You can also wear it over a crop top itself and a cute pair of high-waisted shorts or denim shorts that you may already have in your closet.

5. Cotton Dresses

Who does not love a lightweight and airy summer dress that you can simply throw on for a nice night out or even for a casual stroll during the day? These dresses are an essential summer piece, and you can get them in so many styles ranging from maxi dresses to shorter dresses. They are available as sleeveless, with fun balloon sleeves, or even with typical cap sleeves so that you can figure out the style that you enjoy the most. They are perfectly breezy so that you can wear them all summer long no matter what the temperature is supposed to be outside.

6. Bracelets or Anklets

Buying a few summer bracelets is a fun and easy way to accessorize. You will most likely be wearing lots of short sleeved shirts or tank tops in the summer which is the perfect time to show off some cute bracelets. If you are not a fan of bracelets, try a cute anklet out. These are perfect if you plan on wearing shorts, and sandals as well. You can pick out a cute, small, and delicate anklet that you will forget is even there. You can change them whenever you want as well.

7. Headbands

Who doesn’t love a bright colored headband that matches your outfit of the day? Headbands are a fun and easy way to bring your whole outfit together. They are also typically very inexpensive so it is simple to find a variety of fun headbands to try out. There are so many styles to choose from as well. Whatever colors, prints, or styles you gravitate towards, there are bound to be headbands that will match. Furthermore, headbands have been coming back into style quickly these last couple years.

8. Summer Fashion Rings

Nowadays, you don’t need to be engaged to wear lots of expensive looking rings. You can pick out some fun or stylish rings to wear and show off during the summer season. These don’t have to be pricey either. You can look online or in a nearby store to find exactly what you are looking for. Whether that is something with color or a fake diamond, there are tons of options to choose from. Remember, rings don’t necessarily need to match your outfit either. It can be fun and edgy to wear accessories everyday without having to coordinate a whole outfit.

9. Hats

Buying a fun hat can really elevate your confidence if you love the look. There are a variety of different types you can try out to see what fits your look, vibe, or mood of the day. Hats are also very useful if you are just having a bad hair day. Toss on a hat and you don’t have to stress about your hair that day. Fashionable hats can make a statement or be a subtle accessory that you use every so often. Either way, you should look into trying a new hat out. You never know what you will fall in love with.

10. Summer Fashion Belts

Belts are making a huge comeback lately and it is easy to see why. You can take a simple outfit and make it your own by using a big or trendy belt with it. They are also very easy to slip on as you are running out the door. There are many different sizes of belts so it is best if you can try one on before committing to buying it. Once you know your size, you can order new fun belts that you find online. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from.

Final Thoughts on Summer Fashion

The summer is the perfect time to show off your style and to learn more about the latest summer fashion trends. It is important every summer that you have a bathing suit and that you have some sort of cover-up for it, however, whether that be a large button-down or a traditional piece. It is also important that you have summer dresses that are sure to catch the breeze and even essential tops. Go beyond the classic essential pieces by choosing layering tops that are sheer or by wearing crop tops more often this summer if you want a new look.

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