T-Shirt Design Tips: How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes

T-shirts are not just wardrobe staples but they also are comfortable personality enhancers. In fact, t-shirts happen to be the only apparel that can portray your persona.

It is for this reason that customised t-shirts have become a superhit idea and there are many businesses that let customers design their own stuff.

So if you have now chosen one such business that gives you the liberty of designing your t-shirts, then congratulations.

But whether you are designing the t-shirt for a birthday party or for sports event or a charity function or just for yourself there are some common mistakes that you need to steer clear of. They are enlisted here.

  • Mistake 1 – Complex Designs

Solution – Just Include Only What is Relevant!

The t-shirt and audience can just take limited amount of info. If you include a truckload of texts, too many graphics and multiple shades on the design, your t-shirt is going to be the perfect example of the things that can go wrong. So keep the graphics simple and choose the shades carefully. You should get the message in a swift manner without people having to wreak their brains over what they saw.

  • Mistake 2 – Taking Too Much Inspiration

Solution – Diversify and Make It Exclusive

Each and every designer has their own style. Whether the graphics are animated, abstract or realistic, it is imperative that you maintain some form of originality. If you are blindly copying from some other designs then what is the point of customising it in the first place. Curate your design style and that can provide even an erstwhile quote some freshness.

So avoid using the same font, change the colour scheme and use different sizing and placement of designs.

  • Mistake 3— One Size Fits All

Solution – When Ordering in Bulk, Opt for Different Sizes

If you are ordering in bulk and used the same size for all t-shirts then you are in for trouble. You must print the t-shirts in different sizes. You should take care that no matter what the size of the t-shirt is the design is in sync with the size.

It is not just the size of the t-shirt that matters but also the size of the print. The print size is going to determine the print area which will affects the placement, too.  The print size depends on the properties of t-shirts and also the design type that you chose.

  • Mistake 4 – Poor Quality of Image

Solution – Select Image of Minimum 4 MP Dimension

If you use an image that is small which looks ok on the phone screen and use it on a hoody, it gets 10 times bigger. Naturally the shot can get pixelized. There are some companies that blur out the photos for you instead of leaving them as it is with the horrible pixels.

The photos from phone or downloaded pics from the Stock Photo sites do not bear this problem. But if you have downloaded the pictures from search engines, make sure that they are at least of 4mp.

If you are not understanding this then just make sure that the picture still looks good when zoomed in 2 or 4 times larger than the original size.

  • Mistake 5 — Not Balancing the Contrast

Solution – Consider What’s Soothing to the Eyes

In most cases of artwork, the contrast plays a major role in visual impact.  Design contrast means to be the visual difference between the lighter and darker image parts. It is about achieving the visually pleasing balance and not the highest contrast.

It is not just the shades that you need to keep in mind but also the dominant colour, the shade etc. If you have selected the bold colours for the t-shirts the fonts should be of contrast for enhancing the appeal and enabling readability.

So the next time you are designing t-shirts with an efficient shirt design software, keep these mistakes in mind and try to avoid them so that you can end up the ideal design for your t-shirt that will make heads turn for the right reasons.


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