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10 Critical Tips for Driving in the Rain

After nearly a year of no rains, the clouds have rolled in for a heavy downpour. While the weather at present is most certainly Instagram-worthy, driving in such conditions is a different story. Driving in the rain is easily one of the most challenging driving situations to face in this …

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10 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter in Dubai

Car Ready for Winter – Winter could destroy the vehicles. The drop in temperature could cause wear and tear on the car as well as damage the exterior of the vehicle. Therefore, it is crucial to winterise your car. Preparing your drive for winter ensures safety. After winterising the vehicle, …

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How To Detect Dying Car Batteries?

Car Battery

The battery is the lifeline of your car. They are easy to be taken care of yet can be a pain in the neck when they start dying. They do give some signs before kicking the bucket. If one knows how to read the signs, one can save a valuable …

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