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Digital Transformation Challenges Faced By Businesses

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Technological changes have no doubt changed the way work processes are today. However, these technological changes have also caused a divide between employees – those who are in favour of new technological tools and those who are resistant to change. Businesses face challenges when implementing digital transformation in their organisation. …

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3 Ways To Success In Your Digital HR Initiatives

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Today, there are numerous organisations implementing various digital HR initiatives within the workplace. At the same time, there are numerous business software vendors promoting and advocating the positive impacts that their HR technology bring about. More often than not, these HR technology are meant to serve as solutions to business …

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digital catalog

DIGITAL CATALOG For many of us, digital catalog reading is nothing more important than reading. “Go to the library when in doubt,” said the infamous writer J. K Rowling, who created the fantasy series “Harry Potter” for us. Libraries have always been a reliable source of information. In those days …

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