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Subway surfer is a mobile game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, based in Denmark. This is a game that attracts a lot of players nowadays. SUBWAY SURFERS. Subway surfers is an endless run. In the game, the player will be a mischievous boy who will paint stolen graffiti on …

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Lolbeans game : Detail guide for the new player

lolbeans game

There are many types of missions in LoLBeans game . There are 3 different types of missions in LoLBeans: Airdrop, Tower Defense and Survival. Airdrop missions require players to collect all the green beans on a level before moving onto the next level. Tower Defense missions require players to defend …

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Wordle 2 game : Great game to train your brain!

wordle 2 game

Making words can be fun and challenging at the same time. But what if the process of learning to make new words wasn’t boring and tedious? What if there was a way to have fun while learning? Now you can make words with the Wordle 2 game. This word game …

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Slither.io – the most popular video game today!


  Slitherio Overview Slitherio is a great io game released in 2016. Control a snake, eat glowing orbs to increase your snake size. Your main goal is to become the longest worm in the arena and defeat all the players. If your snake’s head hits any other snake’s part, you’ll …

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