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How to Read and Understand Jewelry Markings?

How to Read and Understand Jewelry Markings?

When you are shopping for jewelry, it is important to know what the markings on the jewelry mean. This will help you to determine the quality of the jewelry and whether or not it is a good value. In this blog post, we will discuss the different markings that you …

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Achieve an Adorable Look with these Pieces of Jewelry

Pieces of Jewelry

All the women around us, within our family, our friends, our surroundings, our community and throughout the whole world are passionate about one thing. Can you guess what that is? Yes, the thing that drives women crazy is pieces of jewelry. Now, why is that? Jewelry is considered as the …

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backpacks for women

What is Borjan? Borjan is one of the best shoe and footwear brands in Pakistan, always doing its best to match the high quality and amazing comfort that our customers have come to expect from them. Borjan manages to do all this at amazing affordability for all their customers, so …

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A Perfect Diamond Rings Collection for Engagement

There have been so many ring designs and jewelry stores to choose from that it has become difficult to select a perfect ring for your engagement. After all, it’s your engagement, and you want the best for your bride. It is also one of the significant purchases made by the …

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